Monday, October 29, 2007

And Thus it Begins

Well this is interesting my first post, kind of exciting i guess. This is just another way for me to spend my time instead of studying like I should be. I am following in the footsteps of some great men, Preston if you read this I thank you because really your blog is what got me interested, Also my good friend Brock who although is not here and is unable to read this, his blog was great to show me that i too can complain about things if i find things to complain about. Anyway now that that is out of the way you may be asking why the title "Life on a Continuum" well a few reasons actually first, I love words that end with a -uum so far i only know two Continuum and Ultimatuum but really how cool are those words, and second i recentley learned what a Continuume was in my business class so it i found out it works. To explain, a continuum is a line, it could be anything in my case it is a line on one end showing good things and on the other end showing bad things thus life is a continuum and i was cool enough to call my blog that. Anyway now that I have explained myself I am going to set up a format for my posts. Every Tuesday(well every tuesday i remember) will be known as Story Time Tuesday's why you may ask, well I recently have been told I have a story for everything so I am going to try to relate those stories as they come to me depending on my mood and what i am thinking about at the moment. Other than that I will probably give a weekly update on Sundays cause it seems like a good place to recap my past week. And finally if something cool happens it will probably pop up sometime in the week just for kicks. Well that is how its gonna be and as I get used to what I am doing other things will pop up so hope you enjoy it, whoever you are.
Now that all the formalities are out of the way, a bit about me. My name is Spencer Wallace Rogers and i am a fan of the name although i am rarely called by my first name. My best friend Josh as formed what we like to call the progression of the Rog, it starts out as Rogers->Rog-> Rog Dog-> Doge Rog (pronounced Dodge but don't get me started on the whole d thing that is for another post)-> and finally just Doge but only josh really calls me that most people call me Rog or Rog Dog and my roomates are fond of calling me Reg (like Regis minus the is) so there you have it. I was born on the great day of May 18th, i'm a big fan of may such a happy month, last month of school a month full of good weather and just having fun. I grew up in the big M-hizzle or Murray,Utah if you will and it is there that i loved chillin with they guys doing just about anything as of the moment i am going to school up at Utah State or just "The State" as i so lovingly call it. Academically i am a Junior but really i'm just a young Freshmen just figureing out what is really going on. Life right now is good so on my continuum i am probably just a little bit off of the far right (right equals good left equals bad) so thats me and i hope your ready for "Story Time Tuesday"


Preston Wittwer said...

rog mi amigo, welcome. an interesting note is that my first blog entry was titled "and so it begins". funny. it's bigger than a normal sized hat. its funny. first to comment, i am awesome.

Anonymous said...

second. double awesome, saw P witt's ad for you. nice. i have a blog as well, but i don't have the art down yet. so don't read it for like a month...ha. anyway. nice blog.