Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The End of an Era (sort of)

Here we go sorry i didn't get this our earlier today but at least i remembered. Today is Josh's last Tuesday for two years so this Story Time Tuesday goes out to Josh.

Well where to start cause i really don't have one story for this it is more like a on going story that never really ended and it never will i guarantee that. Well i guess we start at the beginning. Josh and I met in the 7th grade. You want to know what we did well we begged for money at lunch, and we made bank. On average 4 dollars a day some days more some days less and we would spend that money on whatever junk was in the vending machine. It was awesome had we saved that money we would have had enough to buy a car when we turned 16 something like that it was amazing. Well since that day no matter what was going on i could always count on josh, give him a call ride over and chill no matter what he was there.

Well moving on through time we hit sophomore year. Tell you what if it weren't for josh i wouldn't have made it, i put up with his wrestling crap cause i wanted to there was no option for me it was a must and boy was I grateful. Josh and I walked to the carls everyday it seemed like, and it was awesome josh would use his U of U Ticket stubs and get a large lemonade and a famous star, me, well thanks to the M card two westerns baby no other way to go. We did this all the time and we continued to do it all through high school, maybe not walking but we would hop in Dora or the Exploder and hit up anything and everything. Josh was there. I don't think there was one time, one experience that i enjoyed in high school that josh wasn't there for. Oh and Josh we never got in another game of Monopoly so when we get back watch out cause i'm gonna be gunnin' for ya.

Josh was with me all the time even at work, that's right folks it was me that brought josh to the lion house, and if it weren't for josh it would have sucked, driving down together complaining about things like the red turn arrow the 5 second walkers nay the 5 second strollers. We did it all those are some times i wouldn't trade for anything.

This leads up to right now my latest venture in life, College. Josh may not have been up here with me all the time but no matter what he was just a quick phone call away and let me tell you, I lived for the weekends when i would come home walk in the door to my house and drop my stuff off then go over to chill with josh. My all time favorite week of school was and will forever be the week josh came and stayed with me. We just chilled played some ping pong and did whatever but just because josh was here it made it the best.

This first little while is gonna be tough i know but i know he is doing what is right and i can't wait till i can get out there as well so good luck Josh I'll miss you and things won't be the same but i already have a list of things we need to do when we are both back and they will get done. Thanks kid for always being there i wouldn't be where i am today without you. Good Luck God Speed and I'll see ya later.

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