Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What has happened?

Well i realized today that i haven't blogged in quite sometime. I blame that on thanksgiving, when i am home i have other things i can do besides chillin on my laptop and i missed story time Tuesday again yesterday, kinda a busy day. Anyway I've still got plenty of stories for just about every topic under the sun but thinking of them on my own is kind of tough most the time they just come up in conversation so I'll be back on track next week as it will be the last story time Tuesday before Josh goes into the MTC so it will be a good one next week.

Anyway enough of me explaining why i haven't blogged, on to the blog. Well this last week has been kind of an interesting one. Since my last post i had been home for Thanksgiving. I loved every minute of it. I was able to chill with Josh, Preston, John and a bunch of other people. Plus it was Thanksgiving i love Thanksgiving and people always skip it jumping right ahead to Christmas, i say give thanksgiving some props cause it is such a sweet holiday. Well anyway since being back from the Thanksgiving break i have been feeling kind of nostalgic. I got to go home for more than a few days and i did some of the stuff that i haven't done it quite some time. Josh and i worked together for the last time, we played a little Lion House curling such a great game. Josh killed me both times we played but it was still fun. Well that brought me back to the days when Josh and I would work together all the time and compete in the Lion House Games. That would be a good story for a Tuesday hmm.... we'll see. Well just things like that brought me back to last year when things seemed a little more simple. I'm hoping that when the semester break comes I'll have a nice break and enjoy some of those things again.

Well anyway that's whats up as of the moment be sure to check out next weeks story time Tuesday, it will be a good one.

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