Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here we are again another Story Time Tuesday. Looks like good old scout stories won this week and i am happy about that. I have a lot of stories about scouting and mostly because i had Philip Klc in my troop for those of you who don't know at least one Klc, they are a breed of there own. The story that i would like to tell happened during my first week long camp as a scout. We were up at Camp Hunt for our scout camp and i was having a blast it was great just up with a bunch of the guys I'd grown up with having a good time. We did all you normal stuff and a few things that weren't that normal but hey we are scouts what do you expect. One day about halfway through the week a couple of the guys show up telling us that there is a great tree just a little ways away that we should all go climb so when we had some free time we all went down to the tree. It really was a great tree, perfect for climbing nice sturdy low branches to start on and then it only got better the higher you got. There was about 13 of us on the tree and as we all climbed up we each picked a branch that was "ours" whatever that means. Well being the smallest and newest member of our troop i got shafted with the crappy branches. Most would not hold my weight and the other ones just didn't look great. Well i decided to pick a branch that looked alright but it also meant it wouldn't hold my weight. I step out on to it testing the branch and it felt sturdy enough so i put all my weight on it. And wouldn't you know as soon as i did the branch gave way. I don't know what it is but every time i have fallen out of a tree i fall head first maybe i have a big head i don't know but sure enough i was falling from my branch about 30 feet from the ground head first. You know how people always say they see there life flashes before there eyes? Well mine didn't, i just remember thinking oh crap this is it mom is gonna be pissed. Well when i was about a foot or 2 from the ground something amazing hap pend. My foot caught in the last branch before the ground. So here i am hanging upside down about a foot off the ground and one of the other guys who was about to go up the tree just looks at me and starts to climb up. I look at him and yell "What the Heck, are you gonna help me down?" Well he did help me down but not without protesting that he hadn't climbed the tree yet. I almost die or maybe paralyze myself and he is complaining that he didn't get to climb the tree wow us scouts are real smart. I walked away with a few scratches but that was it. Well there you have it i don't know why but I guess i am needed on this earth to do something and that thing requires that i be able to move around on my own. I am grateful for that cause just think all of the things i would have missed out on wow i am one lucky guy. Well anyway because of that incident some other scout troop comes over and there leader is yelling something about taking points away from us, what the heck are points its scout camp, and quite frankly none of us cared cause 1 i was alive and 2 none of the guys saw me dead or seriously injured. Well at that night fireside type thing they made an announcement that from now on at Camp Hunt climbing trees is against the rules, because some kid fell out of a tree. Philip Klc who was sitting next to me yells its because of this kid pointing to me so of course everybody looks at me the kid that ruined there fun. Wow did i feel great. At least i was not seriously injured or dead so I'll take it. But there you have it folks fall out of a tree and walk away none worse for the wear. I am pretty lucky and i hope i am able to do whatever i was needed on this earth for.

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your over-sized paragraphs are going to take over the world someday.