Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Day

Holy Crap people today has been one amazing day. I woke up scared as crap because i had my chemistry test today. For those of you who don't know Chemistry has become the bane of my existence, it just kills me inside, and today i had a test. Boo Chemistry Test Hooray Beer!! Anyway i had to sit through an hour of Biology with him rambling on about plant cycles, what a joke. Anyway after i tried to enjoy my breakfast which is impossible when you are worrying about a Test that will determine whether i pass or not. Well anyway i get to Chem and sit down and open up the test and i went through it, it wasn't easy but i had put in my time and it was out of my hands now. It took me almost the whole class but i finished.

Finally done now i could put it behind me for a few hours till i would get the results. I had decided that getting through this test was grounds for celebration so i skipped my Chem Lab, we are allowed to skip one and i figure hey why not skip today. Well anyway i get home and wait around for my scores. I check.... nothing so have to wait a bit longer. When finally the key to the exam shows up I look and you heard it here first folks i pulled out a B yes relief, The Day is Mine. I felt like i could Flippin run a Marathon or climb Everest. Don't you just love that feeling cause i do. I was so happy i am still shaking right now, this means that i can still pull a B out of the class very good news to say the least.

Well other than getting a B on the chemistry test i checked my mailbox today and what do you know i received a letter from Elder Brock Dehlin. This is a very exciting thing cause i don't hear from Brock that often and i really wanted to hear his reaction to the package that we sent him. To explain, Brock wrote me a letter and told me that he really missed Mountain Dew and that we has having a few other problems. So Josh and I got a package ready with some Mountain Dew and a few other things and a letters from us as well as John, Ellen, and my Mom and Josh sent it off. Well i got his letter today and it was an excellent letter two pages front and back and a picture. He answered all my questions and just told me whats up he seems so excited about serving i love it. I can't wait to get out and serve myself. If any of you want to see the letter let me know I'm gonna bring it home with me. Well that was today, such a great day plus only 24 hours from right now and i will be back in good old M-Town so really this is amazing!!

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