Sunday, November 11, 2007

That's Life

I realized that besides my first post i have only told my stories which is good but kind of defeats the purpose of my blog and its name. I can't really place myself somewhere on the continuum in the past so i am going to try a lot harder to post at least twice a week obviously story time Tuesday and then one other to kind of balance things out. Right now i am kind of shifting from the right(good) side of the continuum towards the middle. Why you may ask well there are a few reason, first of all it really hit me hard a few days ago that Josh leaves in like 20something days and i am stuck up at school because of stupid finals and something about keeping my scholarship i hate it, lets just say I live for the weekend when i can go home give Josh a call and chill doesn't matter what we do but it is always 10 times better than being up at the "State" pretending to study. And also finals are coming up and the best grade i can pull out of chem is a low B or High C and that's if i do extremely well on my next few tests. Really the only thing that keeps me going is knowing Friday is just around the corner. But alas this week i don't even have that refuge because although i am coming home i get to waste my time at my brothers wedding. He is getting married Saturday so i figured Friday i could chill with Josh and John and whoever else but no my parents have a last supper of sorts for the Fam cause i guess my brother is dieing on Saturday and we'll never see him again, lame i know. And then of course Saturday is an all day affair so there goes my beloved weekend. Other than weekends i have the wonderful Holiday of Thanksgiving in which i get a 5 day weekend plus the most succulent food there is that is wonderful. And Finally end of semester which is bitter-sweet because I do get 3 weeks off of the hum and drum of school(yes i did just use hum and drum) but josh will be gone, luckily Preston will be up and Alvin better be or I'll go down drag him up and slash his tires so he can't go back. Well anyway that's my life right now, i just need to keep living for the wonderful weekends and enjoy them while i can.

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