Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ping Pong The Ultimate Time Waster

I'm glad that whoever was the 4th vote didn't go for sports, cause then i would have had to come up with something not on the poll and tell a story about that. Don't worry i will revisit the topics left behind cause there are great stories for each. I would like to apologize for the length of last weeks "Story Time Tuesday" what can i say i spend a lot of my time in the car, and some great things happened in cars. This weeks story is good, some of you may have heard it but it is worth my time and should be worth yours if you are reading this anyway. Here we go!

Alright Ping Pong what a great game taking the game of tennis and putting it on a much smaller playing field i have to give credit to the Asians they made a great game and a wonderful way for me to waste so much time. Ping Pong has always been there throughout my life but for some reason i never had a table of my own kind of sad but oh well it just makes me appreciate the game more now that i do have a table in my building. Well the story that i have in mind is one of my many downfalls while playing the game, but none as great as this have happened since and most likely will ever happen again. I play Ping Pong with two of my Roommates Daniel, and Kyle. Daniel and I are pretty evenly matched and we trade off wins all the time but Kyle well Kyle has become my arch-nemesis in the game of Ping Pong for some reason neither Daniel or I can beat him. We may hit amazing shots but Kyle with his Gorilla arms somehow hits it back and wins the point the guy is a brick wall. Anyway to this date I have only beat Kyle 2 times in full games and once in a game to 11. We play a lot so my record is probably 2.5-1 billion. I come close to beating him at times but then i hit a point where for some reason i decide it is better for me to stop scoring and loose the game, i don't know why but i do. In one such game i was doing great. I was hitting shots in that i normally wouldn't and kyle wasn't hitting anything in. The game was going great I was up like 17-8 or something like that. The game is first to 21 winning by 2 so if i scored just 1 point for every point kyle scored i would still win but can i do that i don't think so. At this point in the game i got "greedy" i was hitting shots that i shouldn't have hit and i wasn't hitting them in so i would exclaim "I'm getting greedy!" And to this both Daniel and Josh who was up with me for the week would continue to make fun of me. I have since figured that while i am really laughing i cannot win a point in ping pong it is physically impossible no matter how hard i try i will not score needless to say kyle ended up beating me 21-19 yes that is right i only scored 2 more points during the game embarrassing i know but it wasn't my fault i blame it on Daniel and Josh, I was so pissed like unbelievably mad, keep in mind that kyle is the bad guy he always wins and Daniel and I never win. So to be up by more than double his score and to loose because people who should have been on my side weren't is infuriating. I proceeded to pick up the ball and hit it right into Kyle, Kyle is twice my size so as soon as it hit i started to walk down the hall ready to book it when i saw him coming. Well to my surprise he didn't do anything until all of a sudden i turn around and there is Kyle coming at me at he speed of light i about died. Josh tries to describe my face but to this day cannot because well only in situations of near death does one use this face. Anyway I start running down the hall towards the stairwell but i had to stop to open the door while Kyle had the luxury of running right through the door that i had opened well i had to do this twice so by the time i was in open space again Kyle was upon me. Like a Cheetah chasing its pray Kyle reaches his Gorilla arms forward and trips me up, but wait I'm still up i can make it, but no i was not that lucky Kyle with is Gorilla arms and Lighting fast reflexes grabs me and brings me down. Throughout this whole thing i was yelling "I Hate you guys, I Hate you guys!!" So when he caught me, I was toast. He was sitting on top of me and I'm not sure if it was the fact that my adrenaline was flowing or that someone came out yelling something about Ping Pong and Violence but i didn't feel the pain of Kyles fists crushing me. Wow one of the scariest events in my life and i pretty much escape unscathed well besides my pride being crushed. Well that is my story one of the lowest points in my life embarrassed and broken i didn't play ping pong against Kyle for a long time but when I did i held my own defeating him once more and only ever loosing by very small margins. So that is ping pong, a violent game very dangerous especially while playing a very fast Gorilla so my advice don't do it, it only leaves you crushed and broken.

Well that is my story for this week sorry again for the length i underestimate how long these stories really are but hope you enjoyed it and I'll set up another poll don't you worry.

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Elder Joshua said...

Ha! I love it oh my heck I am really laughing out loud right now because of this story! I am laughing mostly 1) Because of your face when you saw Kyle chasing you and 2) How mad you were when you lost. Threatening me to sleep outside among other things! I love it, that was so fun