Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best and Worst

Alright, after my last post being a somewhat serious matter, today i have decided to delve into my thoughts on reentering the real world after having spent 2 years in another nation not worrying about any of the latest and greatest.

I found things to be a lot different upon my return. I mean for some reason as a missionary you just assume that everything back at home is on pause. You leave and enter into a world where you could care less who just came out with the greatest new technological advancement or who has hit the music scene. All of that just isn't important to you. You have a whole other take on life, and it is awesome! But alas it doesn't last forever, sooner then you think you are thrust back into the world, and hey turns out that in 2 years a lot actually does happen even thought you don't really hear about it. So this post is dedicated to the things that i find ridiculous, and amazing that has happened in the two years i was gone.

Lets start off with the ridiculous, i get back and everybody speaks of "tweets" and Twitter. I don't think it is important for people to be able to know what i am doing all the time, really its just another waste of time, plus it just sounds weird to read somebodies tweet.
It turns our that phones are smart. Whatever happened to my classic candy bar phone or the good old flip phone of yesteryear. They're almost extinct, no your phone needs to be smart. I mean if your phones not smart then your i hear. Luckily i am not one to prescribe to such logic, to me world i think that this is the first step to machines taking over the world. I just saw Terminator Salvation, and let me tell you the future looks bleak. So next time you go to answer that smart phone watch out it just might try and melt you brain. You could be the first fatality in what will be an all out war. And even though Christian Bale may be hard core, by the time he realizes his phone is out to get him it will be to late.

They may advertise it will protect you, but come one readers we all saw iRobot as well. That is how they get you.
And if your smart phone doesn't get you i'm sure you could be killed by this kid, I'm not sure that you've heard of him, cause i sure hadn't but he goes by the name of Justin Bieber. Just another one of those pop musician kids who in a couple of years will fall off the map because he entered puberty. Another interesting fact as a guy your voice generally drops when you hit puberty, bet you he didn't plan that into his youtube debut. However during the Renaissance they figured out an answer to this problem so Justin if it means that much to you just go talk to a music history professor find out what i'm talking about and then consult your pediatrician. And if that ends up working out for him don't worry world cause the drugs alcohol and domestic violence suits will for sure get him. He'll end up like all of our childhood favorites. Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, or both Spears sisters for that matter, really the list could go on forever. But hey who am i to judge, i don't even know who the kid is.

Alright i guess i should leave political things away from this happy place...but i'm not to sure about this Obama guy, speaking purely from a political standpoint i'm not to sure america chose correctly, just a thought. My excuse is i was out of the country. Whats yours America? But before i go any further i probably should work on being a bit more informed. So we'll leave it at that.

And on an ending note of things i find not quite as ridiculous but lost a lot of its luster in my eyes...facebook. Still a good thing but not what it used to be, will it go the way of myspace? This writer says yes, why you may ask? Well something bigger and better always comes along. And just as we have shown in pretty much everything, we go for that stuff. What will the new facebook be called? I don't know but if we get to send in suggestions or vote in anyway, i would vote for "Spaces for Faces in My book: A stalkers best friend" your votes would be much appreciated.

Alright enough of that lets move onto more positive things. What changed from the July 2008-July 2010 that is a great improvement. Well this one requires a bit more thinking on my part, mostly because it seems the crappy stuff always takes the forfront in the news.

So the good stuff well number one would have to be youtube. Thank you Preston for helping me enter back into the real world. Youtube was cool before my mission but man it just goes to show how far you can go by being an idiot and having your friend work the camera. Thank you youtube. And thank you idiots alike.

Next on the list is America as far as i can tell, has so far successfully avoided the manpri. For those of you who don't know what the manpri is, let me inform you. The capri is what happend when shorts and long pants were breed with one another creating a hybrid crossbreed child known as the capri. An acceptible fashion statement for women, however in mans strange pursuit of wearing womens clothing and passing it off as his own and "in style," the manpri was born. All the rage in europe right now along with mullets and fannypacks(mostly among teenagers and those in there twenties, not all of eupropes population is tastless.) The manpri is one fashion from europe we Americans need not adopt. So please America stay strong and avoid the almost inevitable onslaught of manpris that will come in the coming years. As for Mullets well that never really left, mostly just went into hiding among Americans who find there homesweet home in trailerparks. And fannypacks, well we'll let the europeans keep that one as well.

And for my final thought on the great things that have happened in the last two years is...well i don't know that i really have one that would be worthy of such a big unveiling. So i'll just say i find Hulu a great idea, i mean who needs to pay for cable anymore, i just tune in through the miricle that is the internet.

And that was the best and worst according to yours truly!

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