Monday, September 27, 2010

Fantasy Football

Right now I could be using my time more wisely and be studying, but having just suffered a crushing loss in Fantasy Football, I have decided to get some of my thoughts out.
I've always been a fan of sports, in fact i would go as far as saying i love sports. There is just something about it. Almost indescribable, unexplainable, but sports of any kind there is just a magic behind it. I do have to say that growing up i was biased towards a few sports. Mostly baseball. I understand that a lot of people don't like baseball but i love it. I am one of those people who can sit down and watch a game on TV, something that a lot of people just can't stomach. That's just who I am. And as i have grown older i have come to love most sports. Doesn't matter what it is, well besides nascar. But i don't really consider nascar a sport. But that is a topic for another day. What I'm trying to say is as I've grown i have learned to love those sports that as a kid i just didn't get.

My love for the NFL started the summer before my senior year. I was invited to participate in Fantasy Football with 9 of my best friends. At the time i jumped at the opportunity mostly because that meant kicking it for a Saturday with good friends having a good time, and also cause fantasy kinda intrigued me. Well since then I've developed my LOVE for the NFL.  Have my fantasy teams ever been really good? No not really, I'm not to the point yet where i spend days and weeks before the draft planning my team. This year i didn't have that luxury anyways, i was out of the country. So when draft time came i mostly just put my trust in technology and took the highest player on the list.

Well this year it hasn't really worked out for me. After a tough 1 point loss tonight followed by a call from my opponent Brock to rub in the win, i was a little broken.  Gloating is just part of the game you love it when your the one dishing it out and you just kind of suck it up and take it when you lose.  I know what your thinking its just a game and your not even doing anything for it. But still being a sports lover and a very competitive person any loss is a tough loss, especially those when you are so close to the win that you can taste it.  I mean come on Packers you had three interceptions that were given back because of dumb penalties.  And man you should have just let them score and then had time to go for it, it at least would have given me enough points to win my game.  But alas that wasn't the case and i lost. 1-2 record not looking so hot right now. 
But i still love the game, it makes watching football so much fun, and since I've never really had a NFL team it helps me to invest something into the game, which always makes the game better.  So even though fantasy football just gives that added measure of stress that a starving college student doesn't really need, I'll take it.

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