Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let the Music Set you Free!

I love music!  I can definitely say I have always loved music.  Growing up it was always just a huge part of my life, even when i didn't want it to be.  But I am a firm believer that there is a power in music that just can't be accessed anywhere else.  I would even say there is something godly about it.  Just think about it, how often in the scriptures do you hear an account of a marvelous event and almost always it is mentioned that there was singing or music.  I think that so much more can be expressed through music.  If you really think about it you can express anything on the spectrum of Love to Hate using the exact same word but just said or sung in a different way.  The lyrics might not have anything to do with it in fact they often don't have anything to do with it.  But the music affects you in such a way that it can change your mood.  For example I can't be upset or sad when I listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.  It just makes me laugh at the beginning because of the close memories that i associate with this song.  And the happy upbeat sound of his Ukulele just makes me smile.  Whenever I am down about anything I have a bunch of different songs that I can play or listen to and just like that the day is so much better. 

It goes in every which direction though, there is music that evokes every emotion imaginable.  And I just love it.  One of my favorite things to do is to have my iPod on shuffle as I walk to class.  Sometimes my mood dictates the music that I listen to so I find myself skipping past loads of songs till I get to one that just fits.  Other times the music dictates what mood I'm in, when I put my headphones on and hit play that first song can set me down a path for the rest of the day.  Funny how that works.  And if you look around you can see it in those around you.  Well at least I'm sure you can see it in me, cause I'm that guy walking around with his headphones on with a stupid grin on his face and almost skipping to the beat (depending on the music I'm listening to at the moment).  Its great isn't it!  I really do just love it so much!

I have already sort of mentioned this but music is so intimately tied to memory.  In fact the moment I type this my iTunes switched to a song by The Starting Line and almost immediately I was reminded of Junior High, getting together with a bunch of my buddies and playing the original Halo.  I just give a slight grin and chuckle and enjoy the music.  Other times it reminds me of times with my family, especially during the Holiday season.  For me Christmas music doesn't just remind me of the birth of my Lord and Savior, but it reminds me of great times spent with my family and friends.  One specific example for me is the Forgotten Carols by Michael Mclean.  Christmas doesn't start for me until I listen to that music, and then remember the great times spent with my family seeing the musical each Christmas Season at Cottonwood High.  And on top of that the time spent driving to work during Christmas with Josh listening to Homeless or out in the Mission field with companions.  There are so many great memories tied to that music. 

This life is about making memories with those you love, and is there anything greater then getting a small reminder every once in awhile when you listen to some music?  So I guess what I'm trying to say is enjoy the music, and let that music tie you to those you love and care about.

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Josh, just Josh said...

This one is for Gabi!!!!!! I know exactly what your talking about in somewhere over the rainbow. Also I have been pulling out Forgotten carols and looking at it, trying to decide when an appropriate time to start listening would be. I won't lie I have listened to homeless a few times this month just to be ready. Good post kid, I really liked this.