Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Heist

So this last semester in my psych class a question was posed to us as students.  The question was, "If you could do anything humanly possible with no consequences, and you'd never get caught, what would you do?"  Just think about it for a second... what would you do? I thought about it, and my first thought was I would pull off a heist.  None of this plane jane bank robbery stuff, i'm talking something huge with tons of planning where everyone is just blown away so they make a movie out of it.  Ya that big it would be legit.  Now I justified it by saying I would be like Robin Hood, you know steal from the rich give to the poor.  The poor at this point being me, and i'm sure I would help out reletives and close friends, but really as I am poor I figured it would be alright.  So that was my thought steal from the rich give to the poor (me).  And I decided to post this mostly because I just finished watching Oceans 11 and 12.  And I know there are those out there who will say Oceans 12 sucked.  But I still liked it, granted the original Oceans 11 was better as is almost always the case when they make sequels to movies.  But I also love the Original Oceans 11, you know the one with the rat pack.  The end of that one is great, if you haven't seen it i highly recommend it.  So as I have been thinking about it, I love all shows like that, in which somthing epic is stolen and its alright (kinda) cause they always steal from the bad guy (generally).  All the planning that goes into it and then you have no clue how it all will work out until the end.  I still remember the first time I saw Oceans 11.  I just laughed when they pulled away in the swat car and you see the air freshener hanging there from the rear view mirror.  Just love it!  And then seeing all of them in front of the fountains at the Bellagio while Clare de lune is playing.  Classic!  So that is what I would do world, given the chance to pull off an awesome heist like in Oceans 11 or any of the other movies like that, I would do it for sure.  Well as long as there were no consequences involved and I'd never get caught.  Come on I'm not crazy.

A word from the writer:  In no way to I condone stealing, everything written in this blog is just speculative.  Just in case you were wondering.

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Josh, just Josh said...

Ha, I would want to be on your team. We could call it Dodge's 2. Because I think you and I for now make the team until we get more volunteers. Perfect.