Monday, February 11, 2008

Hooray and Whaaaaa?

Yes world i am back! I know your all so excited to hear from me. This last week was pretty good mainly because have to been outside? Well i have and it is beautiful I love those first few warm days as you come into spring. I know it is going to get frigid again and i won't want to go outside but I love it it makes me so happy i just want to go run around outside yelling....which is when campus police are called to come stop the lunatic outside. Anyway spring is one the way, which tells me to go get in those ski runs that i won't have for two years and to throw snowballs at people and to do all that awesome snow stuff. So i will! Well that was the Hooray part now on to the Whaaaaa?

So here is what its up peoples. As it is the week of Valentines Day i would like to say a few words about this and other ridiculous holidays! That's right i said ridiculous and for those of you out there saying Valentines isn't ridiculous its about love and all that crap this is for you. First, what constitutes a holiday? For me it means a day off of school. Do we get a day off of school for V day? NO!!! If that's not enough i don't know what is. V day is a joke it is just an excuse for couples to show off and for guys to give gifts to girls Boooooooooo. Plus it has lame candy those stupid little hearts with sayings on them. The sayings don't make sense half the time or they are full of innuendo. Well enough about V Day...any arguments can gladly be sent to me and i will show you where they are wrong and possibly insult you while doing it. Here are some other lame holidays: Columbus Day, St. Patrick's Day(unless you drink the whole where green thing messes with my whole get out of bed put on whatever is close and leave routine). All the other ones are alright cause they deal with our country which rocks and our Veterens who deserve a day. Also i'm not to partial to Halloween, i know what you saying "What about the free Candy?" Well i no longer get free candy and haven't since 6th grade also you have to walk around in the freezing cold and thinking of a good costume to much work plus no good feasts! There you have it. In my opinion it shouldn't be called a holiday unless a day is taken of of school for it. Any problems like i said let me know and i will let you know what's up!

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