Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hello People, how is everyone doing this fine week? I'm lovin it here in good old logan. Mostly because I pretty well have nothing to worry about. No tests and next week is spring break. As Josh would say hooroo! Anyway I really hope that this spring break is a good one, as it is my last one for 2 years. Thats right people i hopefully will get my mission call in a few weeks. Whether those weeks are slow or fast is yet to be seen but no doubt i'll know pretty quick here. I'm not quite sure what this blog is about so for now we'll call it an update on the life that is mine. I have a lot of things going through my mind right now and if some of it doesn't come our right deal with it:)
Well first things first is this semester i have been taking probably the coolest class ever... Ultimate Frisbee. That sport is the best sport ever invented i love it so much and for that love i have Josh to thank. That kid loved the game, he would play all day everyday if he could. I remember after we would finish playing he and I would be sitting around and he would be hurting so bad but to him it was so worth it. I have hit that point now. We play indoor and a game like ultimate should not be played indoor all the time. My legs kill after but it is so worth it. Without this class this semester I would have dropped out long ago. Also a shout out to John, Ellen, and Jason. Those people keep ultimate alive and playing with them is the best. GO ULTIMATE!

Anyway as of this moment i am in a debate/discussion about drugs and such and i can't think of what else to talk about so this post is done keep it up world.

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