Tuesday, March 25, 2008

T-minus 24 hours and counting...(hopefully)

Well a couple of things first. I hope everybody likes my addition of a music player and also the new colors and what not i updated. If not let me know cause I'm open for changes. Also like my title says hopefully I'll have my call tomorrow. I am really hoping and praying it comes tomorrow cause if not, and it comes the next Wednesday i won't be able to open it cause my Dad will be in London. So keep your fingers crossed world. Well enough business on to what i really wanted to say.

So this blog kind of ties together my last two blogs. Here is the story. Last night i wasn't in a very good mood so i decided i would go to bed at a decent hour, for me that means 11:00. Well i did but as i was sort of half asleep i just heard these lyrics come to me and music as well. It was so cool. I jumped up grabbed the pen that is always right by me when i sleep and luckily i had a blank piece of paper right there as well. So i wrote down the line thinking that i would write that line down and then work on it tomorrow. Well i laid back down and closed my eyes and then more lyrics came to me. This is so odd because generally i will come up with the tune and then try to put lyrics to it. But the lyrics came to me along with the music. The only problem is that i don't know quite how to put that music to my guitar. In fact i think that it is more of a piano song. This adds even more problems. I don't really play piano, i mean i can read the top hand alright but that is about it. Also i figured out this sweet string bass line to it, well another problem. I don't own or play bass. I am sure if i had one I could figure out what i wanted cause it is pretty easy but oh well. Anyway so for the next half hour or so i worked on this song. It was just a really cool thing to happen to me cause like i said in my last post i am never really happy with my lyrics and they generally don't come to me all that well. So world i am going to post what i came up with. It is kind of simple and it is not done yet so hear it is:

Do you know what it means
To only live in dreams

Dreams are always there
Dreams are all you need
You know what it means
To only live in dreams

Everything you need is only a dream away
The car, the house, the job, the it's girl all there
That is what it means
To only live in Dreams

She was always there
You saw her when you slept
She lives in your dreams
The girl without a care
Your favorite place to be
Was in your Dreams


In your Dreams

Like i said kind of simple but it really spoke to me. I don't often remember my dreams but the ones i do seem to tell me a lot about myself. It seems that everything i have wanted i have dreamed about. So there you have it, it came to me while i was sleeping kind of cool, i think, tell me what you think I'll take anything thanks world keep it up, and hopefully only one more day.

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Elarsen22 said...

ROG! I really hope your call comes today, and I wanna hear all about it! and hey I'm loving the music player, I actually have become addicted to Joshua Radin because of it - he speaks, you know what I mean :) Also lovin your lyrics! anyway that string bass can be subbed for a cello and then I could help ya out :)