Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Words

World, do you wanna know what i hate? Well the fact that over the weekend i had a ton of great ideas for blogs. I was lovin it! But as soon as i get back to school and have time to sit down in front of my computer, my mind goes blank. What a joke but maybe they'll come back to me.

Well i would just like to throw some stuff out there for all to read. First it is spring, i love spring. Definitely my favorite season. Why you may ask well other then allergies there is nothing wrong with it. Allergies can be handled with drugs at least for me thank goodness mine aren't so bad. But really after a long winter it is so choice to be able to go outside and just chill. Playing Frisbee football baseball and anything else. Not that cold stops me from playing outdoors in fact that is tons of fun, but spring is where it is at. Also it starts baseball season. I love baseball always have. Ever since little league, which i sorely miss. We were just there to have fun it didn't matter what happened, well maybe at the time it did. But as i look back the only games i remember are the intense ones. I remember hanging with the team making plays and being with my dad as he coached our team. Stl. Cardinals baby we were the shiz. Well now i only have a couple months to enjoy little league until i have kids. My little bro is in his last year. After this it just isn't the same so i am going to enjoy it while i can. So YAY Spring!!

Moving on i would just like to say i love music so much! Playing singing or just listening it is so amazing. My cousin just gave me some killer music. Joshua Radin. I have heard some of his stuff but because of low funds i wasn't able to purchase any. Well my cousin Lindsie saved the day. Right now i am listening to Joshua's music and i am lovin it. As Ell Bell said in her last blog "it speaks to my soul" (I like that Ell way to be) Well music is so awesome, being an amateur musician myself i love listening and hearing new sounds that i can try to incorporate into the stuff i play. P.S. world by amateur musician i mean i own a couple guitars, love playing, think i can sing, and try to write my own stuff. I hardly ever am happy with what i write. I have a really hard time expressing how i feel in words, that i like when i sing it. Something to work on i suppose but tell you what when i get to that point where i can write lyrics well enough you'll know world, you'll know. Along with that i love/hate it when you listen to something new and there is one line that is totally you and i always say "Why couldn't i think of that!?" I love it because the line is so me, it is how i feel. I hate it because of what i said before WHY? But no sweat one day it will come.

Well that is what i had to say, I'll try and post tomorrow and then Wednesday hopefully a call will be opened and I'll let the world know. Hooray!!!

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