Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Hello people i thought that now would be a great time to blog, one because i can't sleep and two because i've got some things i'd like to say. here it goes.

Well first off a follow up to my last post. Everything worked out, hooroo!! I was so nervous but right after i posted last i got down on my knee's and said a prayer. The coolest thing happened, as soon as i asked for things to work out i got the best feeling. I felt so calm i wasn't angry or frustrated i just knew that things would work out for the best. Well the day came and i went to my interview a little bit early. I was hoping that is meeting before went short and i could get right in. Well that's not how things worked out in fact i didn't start my interview till 3:00, i was nervous i'm not going to lie i said a quick prayer while i waited and i got that same calming feeling. I went into the interview and things went great. Look out world I'm going on a mission!!! You'll all know in hopefully one week, i know i'm counting down the days. Well i finish the interview at 3:36, no lie i ran to my car and sped down to the church. Might i add that the church was almost exactly the other side of town. Well i run in, i was later told i looked vary epic with my tie flowing behind me and scriptures in hand. John was speaking. Everything worked out, if that isn't proof that our Father in Heaven loves us i don't know what is. Something as trivial as seeing a friend speak and making it on time, the our Father in Heaven Loves us and so does our Savior Jesus Christ. Well speaking of John what a great man he is going to rock it in Samoa.

This is what i want to address next. John! Folks let me just tell you John is one of my most favorite people. I met john probably sophmore year, i didn't get to really know him till end of jr. and all through sr. year. Big mistake, john is someone that you always want to be around. He is such a good example, he always wants to have fun and wants everybody to be included. I should have got to know him long before i did. John if you ever read this don't be embarressed or whatever else about what i say. You are a great guy no doubt about it. John has always been an example to me, and for the next two years he is really going to live it up. His Companions will love his insight to the gospel, his love for life and for sharing the message of our Father in Heaven. He has waited long enough for this so Go Forth and Serve!!

Moving on to another subject... Ultimate Frisbee! I can't talk about john without saying a word or two about Ultimate. There are few people i know who love frisbee as much as this kid. And those people know who they are. I have had a chance to really play and just toss with John lately and what an awesome experience. I've learned from him, and love catching that sweet pass from him. As Josh would say "He has sent everybody some pretty sweet Air Mail!" Thanks john for all those frisbee's tossed and caught. Well i think i'll close this post on that. John the people in Apia Samoa are blessed to have you serve them as a missionary. Keep it up and God Speed Elder!

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Elarsen22 said...

Yes those people do know who they are. mmmm frisbee, i crave.
Gotta agree with you on all words said about John, love the kid and wish I had gotten to know him so much sooner!