Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I know what your thinking world, whaaaa? another post it has only been a day! But i am so frustrated right now i just have to get it out. Well i am frustrated because everything seems to be working against me. Here is what's up.

I only need to meet with my stake president and then i can send in my mission papers. I was supposed to meet with him last week but he was to busy and we had to move it to this coming Sunday. I wasn't to happy about it but i thought hey what's another week. Well that is until i found out that my interview this week is at the exact same time one of my really good friends speaks for his farewell. So i thought well I'll just switch times to earlier that day if i can and if not I'll be down all week because of spring break so it will get done. Well i call the stake office and leave a message. I get a call back from some old guy who is hard to understand and he tells me that if i don't have my interview this Sunday at the exact time i am scheduled for i won't be able to meet with the stake president till the end of the month. I was so mad, i know that he has a demanding schedule but I've done everything i can to conform to his schedule and he can't do anything. UGH!! So i have to keep my appt. because i really want to turn these papers in, i just hope that i will be able to make it to the last bit of my friends talk. It just seems that everything is pulling against me and i hate it.
Plus one of my best friends just got his call and i am so excited for him and i want to feel that excitement for myself. I want to know where i am going, when and what language I'll be speaking and everything. SCREAM!!!!!!!! so that is what is going on i almost feel like running to get my frustrations out, and i hate running. This is no good World why aren't things working out!


*Jess!ca* said...

Spencer don't worry things will work out. This is just a test of your patience. :) And it is a huge test I can tell! It will come. And let me know as soon as you find out! Keep smiling! :)

DalPal said...

Looks like Jessica beat me to it!
It also looks like most everything worked out for you. My advice is... this too shall pass. And it did. :)