Monday, March 31, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

World just say it with me I HATE MONDAY'S, good let it all out. All that pent up hatred towards the first day of the week, it's good for you self-esteem. On Mondays nothing is ever accomplished no matter how hard you try things just don't get done. For example right now i should be studying for my Biology test but because it's Monday it just isn't happening oh no.

Let me tell you something world, for the last few Mondays i have woken up and felt terrible, then the whole day just seems to be a waste. Some may say that my over exertion during the weekends is what cause this. To them i say NAY! I suffer from what those in the medical field call Mondaymisotisis (Mon-day-my-so-ty-sis)also known as Mondayitis. This is an epidemic sweeping the nation. Only recently has it been shown that it is a real disease. Those who suffer from Mondaymisotisis feel sick and extremely groggy when they wake up. Whether that be at 9:00 or 1:00 it is always the same. Also for these people Mondays are always filled with a whole load of crap useless classes dumb homework assignments... the works. The skies are darker, it snows when it is supposed to be warm (both literally and figuratively)food doesn't taste the same, people around you accentuate your already negative mood. And those are just a few.
(note: i enjoy the snow, but not when it's just about April)

People if you suffer from any combination of those symptoms and the many more there is help. But in order for this help to come we must band together and get Mondays removed from the calender all together. Some of you say that will never work then Tuesday would just feel like Monday and pretty soon we wouldn't have any days of the week. Well to you nay sayers here is another proposal. The weekend should be extended to Monday. Here is what would happen. You would still have to go to work or school or whatever you do with your Mondays, but it would always be a party. That way people would look forward to Mondays. No work is required. If you choose to do work then hey it's your choice and then your that much ahead for Tuesday when real work is required. I believe this is the solution to this epidemic sweeping the nations.

Clinical trials have begun on monkeys but they just don't get it so it's going no where fast. I propose we start immediate trials on Humans, and i volunteer myself for the studies. Don't worry about me world I'll be okay but meanwhile try not to let your Mondaymisotisis take over. Remember Tuesday is only a day away. For those of you who consistently feel the same on Tuesday as you do on Monday, you either are clinically depressed, ill, or suffer from nothing. Either way you should really get that checked out.


KellyRose said...

you are correct, monday needs to be a party. thats why we go to concerts

*Jess!ca* said...

Wow that's amazing! I love it! I was going to combat your proposal, but you totally shot down exactly what I was thinking in the next sentence, then came up with a solution to that! haha nicely done!