Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some Words I Like

So i have wanted to do this post for quite sometime. So instead of doing my Germany post I'll do this one right now. But don't you fret world... my Germany post will come. Also congrats to Fielder for the call to serve in the Rapid City South Dakota mission. He is gonna tear it up. Well onto the words.

: I just love to say this word it is so funny, also it is hilarious to hear someone use it for real, like when someone in charge of you says "Enough of these shenanigans!" I mean come on if someone tells me that i just laugh and continue on with my shenanigans.

Tom Foolery: When used in conjunction with the above word you are just asking for it. I often like to use then together as a joke, cause really if you use them not as a joke well you are a joke.

Bubbles: Just say it and really pronounce those B's it always makes me happy.

Inconceivable: Really it is just because of Princess Bride but for those of you who went to good old Murray High and knew Mr. Wood just picture him saying it. It gets me every time.

Brilliant: This is just an all around good word. When i think of it i either see a British person saying it like (think British accent) "That was brilliant really brilliant." Also i think of those Guinness commercials you know "Hot Wings BRILLIANT!!" or "Sports Bar BRILLIANT!!"

Literally: I really just like this word because for the longest time i could not say it. Literally I'm not kidding you i could not say it. So when i could say it, it was really cool.

Quintessential: Really it is just a cool word like this is the quintessential collection of novels.

Gym-a-cafi-torium: Some may say this is not a real word but for those of you who say that it is a synonym for Multipurpose room. Just think in elementary school you used the Multipurpose room for a gym, a cafeteria and an Auditorium. On an unrelated note don't you remember that room always smelling so bad.

And the last word for now is really a lot of words. Pretty much any word where the plural ends in an I. Like Octupi as in lots of Octopus or LexI as in the plural for Lexus or anything like that. They are just really fun to say. So world what are some of you favorite words. Look forward to more of my favorite word posts and my Germany post. Keep it real World, and watch conference this weekend, it is gonna be awesome!

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*Jess!ca* said...

I love the word quintessential! It happens to be my favorite word! I love it because they use it on the style network all the time though! haha. Also the gym-a-cafetorium (SP?) one yeah so true! I work at an elementary school, and yes it smells bad, and it totally is an all in one!