Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Not Goodbye it's See Ya Later

Alright folks get this, as of this exact moment i am packing up my room completely to move back home. So exciting! Anyway i don't believe in Goodbyes i came to that realization the start of this school year. Why did i come to that realization? Well what with me leaving home which was actually pretty tough because i am really close with my family especially my mom. And all my friends were leaving me. Whether it was to other schools or missions they were are packin up and heading out. So i decided then and there that it is never a goodbye but a see ya later. I said it to my 3 best friends when they left on there missions and i say it to everybody because i know that no matter what i will see you all again.

So let me tell you my plan when i came up here. Pretty much just chill by myself till the weekends when i could go home and chill with the guys. Well i pretty much did that but i made some awesome friends that "saying see ya later" to is not gonna be as easy as i thought.

So this post is a shout out to all my Logan friends. There are not many, but i have never had a ton of friends cause all i need is a few solid ones and i'm set. So this post goes out to Rose Nate Daniel Kyle and Ellen cause frankly i think your the only ones from logan that read this so if anybody else up in Logan reads this its for you as well. Also yes this goes out to Daniel although he headed out after fall semester i still had rockin times with him. And Kyle because really this year wouldn't have been the same without kyle chasing me down the hall and tackling after an especially heated game of ping pong. For those of you who don't know the story check out my Ping Pong post. It is a pretty early post but i promise you it's worth the read. Alright here are some things that i will miss or just won't ever be the same.

Ping Pong: this is where it all happened if you never witnessed a game i'm sorry
Dinner: 5:00 o'clock on the dot no matter what. Thats how we did it.
Wal-mart runs: at all hours of the day especially those 3:00 am runs those rocked
Slurpee runs: i love slurpees and when we would hit up the 7-11 it was awesome
Jamba runs: Last night we took our last jamba run sad day i know but wow i love that place
Hallways: That's right i will never look at a hallway in the same way playing frisbee, bowling, and duels with ping pong balls, hallways will never be the same.
Naps: something about my dark room naps really got to me. I don't know that i'll ever take another nap as satisfying as those.
Scrubs: We watched this show at least 2 hours a day i promise well at least i did.
the office: watching it on the projector was choice i'll miss that
House: for a couple weeks we had house marathons it was awesome
Movie Monday: a tradition we started last christmas and it went on ever since. we watched some awesome movies and it was always a party.
The Colbert Report: watching this with nate was a daily ritual if we didn't get our Colbert fix it was a rough day.
Nates laugh: come on i am gonna go through withdrawls without that thing to bad i never got a recording of it. Come to think of it nate coughing up crap all the time.
staying up way to late: like those times we stayed up till 3:00-5:00 am when we had class the next morning.
oranges: i'll never look at an orange in the same way, oh the orange game what a delight.
fortune cookies: man those things dictated my life i tell you.
Music: i pretty much had music going 24/7 cause my stereo and iPod were always right there and plugging them in wasn't a problem. but at home sure i'll have my ipod but it just won't be the same.
And last but not least... Blogging: I promise i'll do it at home but the frequency might go down a bit. But really it is never gonna be the same as it was this year.

Alright i thought about a lot of these things last night while i was trying to get to sleep so if i forgot something let me know. But i had a blast this year and i'll always remeber these things but they just won't be the same. Thanks to all of you. You really helped me out this year in more ways then you may know. I'll miss it and all of you but like i say it's not goodbye it's see ya later.


ellengenevieve said...

thanks for the shoutout! i'm sorry that i wasn't here to say "see ya later" but i'm definitely gonna try and make it to your farewell so that i can do it then. You are a way cool kid and i'm glad we got to know each other! good old LLC- we had some good times and late chats that's for sure.
PS- on a wierder note- my mom checked out your blog and said she thinks you sound really funny and are a good writer. hahaha! she just wanted me to tell you that. anyway peace out. we will keep in touch as blogger friends!

Kelly said...

oh spencer, you are my favorite. don't forget the rope! oh the rope. man we were lazy. slash you. nay, not lazy. just joyful of our time spent in leisure. anyway, read my blog it makes me smile. i'll probly blog in a couple days sooooooo you can just check that out. so ya, you're my favorite and i love the blog. and of course i'm just going to talk to you like, tomorrow, so, theres not even any point in saying later, but i will anyway.
have good days