Monday, April 21, 2008

A Leave of Absence

Well world i apologize but this blog will most likely be my last till Wednesday the 30th. As it were finals are just around the corner and i will be living the life of a hermit. That is right i will be hiding in my room studying as hard as i possibly can out of fear of loosing my scholarship. Although if while studying an amazing blog comes to my mind i will post it but my bet is the only things on my mind for the next week and a half will be Biology and Econ. So if your desperate for some of your daily "me" go ahead and read some of my old posts, by old I'm talking like day 1 and so forth but if not i understand. Good luck with your endeavors for the next week and a half and wish me luck.

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ellengenevieve said...

you know 2 ellen larson's /en's. I'd say that's an accomplishment. You make me happy by adding me to your list. yay go blogs