Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Viable Cure

World i have done it. That's right i have come up with another viable cure for the epidemic that is sweeping the world. Mondaymisotisis is treatable. You all have heard of my other ideas for cures, if not just go and read my post titled "A Case of the Mondays" and you'll know. But on to the cure. All it takes is and Beautifully sunny day + happy tunes + letter from a good friend. I know that the Beautifully sunny day doesn't happen as often as we all would like. But today well i can't even believe that I'm even blogging it is such an amazing day outside. But we will have to find something equally as good as a sunny day to substitute for it when a sunny day is not available. And letters don't always come on mondays but just give a good friend a call and talk to them.

Anyway today is just amazing. Even though i have finals to worry about and one more test before them nothing could phase me on this Monday. Usually everything would phase me on a Monday but with my cure all is well. I woke up and thought crap Mondaymisotisis strikes yet again but then i went to breakfast and enjoyed breakfast then it was bright and sunny outside wow then in my econ class we are done with all new material amazing. And folks with the help of my good friend iPod and my even better friend guitar i was doing great. Then i went and checked my mailbox and i got a letter for Brock. I have been sending that kid letters for the last 3 weeks with no reply. Even about my mission call still no reply. But today i got it. It was so good to hear from him. He is doing great! Then i sent him a massive 5 page letter. it felt so good! Brock is one of the few people that i can tell anything and he'll come back in a way only he could. so i can't wait to hear from him again. For those of you who don't know Brock, well I'm sorry. He is the best. Like i say he is one of my best friends and i can talk to Brock about anything. He may laugh or joke about what i have to say but sometimes that lets me know just how retarded i am being. And hopefully I'll be able to see him before shipping of the Germany for 2 years. My family is planning a trip to California before i leave and we'll be right by where Brock is so I'm gonna find him and i don't know what but you better believe I'm gonna find him.

So here is how we get the cure to work. First be a part of the cure. Send your friends letters or call them on Mondays. I realize that in order for a letter to be received on a Monday you'll probably have to send it Thursday or Friday or earlier depending on where it is going but just do it. Even if you are suffering yourself hearing the voice of a good friend is one of the best things to happen. Talk to them. For me there are few people left that i can just call and talk about anything so i am forced to write letters. But for those of you who have good friends that can talk to you do it, it works wonders. Plus you'll miss it when you can no longer give them a call. Second always have music going. Music makes everything better. Most times i play music to suit the mood that I'm in but not if your trying to cure Mondaymisotisis. Even if you feel crappy listen to happy upbeat music. Or music that speaks to your soul. And then of course go outside and enjoy the warm weather. Days like today are few and far between. World go out and enjoy it.


KellyRose said...

today has been SO good! did you know that there are actually other people that go to school here? i didnt. i found out today that there are. and guess whos class was optional today? mine. straight up. i went and read on the quad, listened to awesome music, went for a walk, and got a letter from my very best friend. and now we get to watch a killer movie! man if every day was like this i so wouldnt leave. i feel like i need a jamba or something though not gonna lie.

Elarsen22 said...

My day has been so good as well! and not gonna lie it all started with the music! always a good remedy i agree. i'm jealous that you heard from brock, crazy kid, miss him so much lately. O what i would give to go back for just a day :) but ya today i think there is no such thing as a case of the mondays