Thursday, April 10, 2008


Shoot world that is really all i can say. Today my good friend Rose sent me a message on facebook. Well pretty much that message said: John Mayer is coming and you can't go because you can't HAHAHAH! K that's not really what it said but it might as well have. Pretty much John Mayer is coming on July 21st ya really can you believe it. He comes 13 days after i report the the MTC. Pretty much i have wanted to see John Mayer live since the begining of time, seriously this is how i think it went down. Me and John chillin in the pre-existence...

Me: John i hear your going to be an awesome musician down on earth.
John: Ya that is the plan.
Me: Well it looks like we'll be down there about the same time.
John: That's cool
Me: Ya i think i am going to be one of your biggest fans.
John: Awesome
Me: Ya i can't wait to see you live.
John: I'll be there, i won't remember you, but i'll be there.
Me: Sweet, just make sure you play in Salt Lake while i'll be there, and can go.
John: Well we'll see, i don't think i'll have much control over that.
Me: Oh... well just try.
John: I will.
So that is basically how i see it, well then john and i play some sweet music and head on our way.

Ya so lets just say i'm pretty dissapointed. I know it's bad cause really i'll be doing what i have dreamt about forever, serving the Lord full time. But i can't help it, i also miss Jack Johnson but thats by like a month so it doesn't cut as deep. So world that was my first big test of my desire to go on a mission, i suppose i passed but with a few misses here and there. So if you really want to make me happy go to the show then write me in the MTC telling me that it was the worst show ever and that it was a good thing i missed it. Also to please me beyond all belief have a ticket for me in two years to see John play the most amazing show ever... you know i'll be there.

Keep it real world and note to world: If anything else amazing is going to happen right after i enter the MTC keep it on the DL till at least i'm in the MTC even better would be while in in Germany Thousands of miles away.

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KellyRose said...

I'M SORRY DUDE! i can't go either i'll be gone. its going to suck anyway. i just know it. it will. and i mean that. when you get back he'll do the cruise thing again, and this time there is no possible way we will miss it.

i am going to go write about cereal now. you should read it.