Sunday, April 20, 2008

Explosion of Thought

This post is going to be like when you throw stuff at a wall and certain things stick and other things don't, so pretty much just a random cluster of thoughts hope you enjoy.

So I'm pretty sure that i begin to go through blog with drawls. I don't even want to know what it will be like when I'm out serving the Lord and i can't blog when something crosses my mind, or i can't go and read whats going on in my friends lives. So that means that: first I'm gonna have to keep a list of cool blog entries for when i get back and also that you people out there are going to have to write me so i know whats up.

It just hit me to day that my finals are right on the doorstep, and i am no where near ready. This is not a good thing because i need to rock my finals in order to keep my scholarship. So world if you happen to see me next week and i am not either studying, going to class, or eating, yell at me and threaten to do something horrible to me unless i don't go back to studying. I'm serious cause if you don't I'll blame my loss of scholarship on you, and you'll pay 75% of my tuition for the next 2 years. I'm really just looking for a scapegoat, but I'm serious don't mess with me. Anyway I'm am mildly freaking out i suppose a week from now i will be trying to suppress my ulcers but we'll see.

Also this Friday was great, i jut did some pretty random stuff. And that is cool. We played Frisbee in the hallway in my building, we bowled in the hallway, we playing ping pong and pretty much anything else that is completely random in a hallway. It was awesome, I'll miss those days when random is all i need but can't really have. Also just on a completely random note (how many times do you think i can use the word random in this post, I'm mean wow) the office was awesome on Thursday, go Kevin and way to go Jim i am so excited i get to see the rest of this season out.

One more thing i would like to point out to you readers, i love movies which means i generally would see most everything that is coming out but due to lack of funds the last movie i saw that i payed for was I Am Legend, and the last movie i saw that someone else payed for was Enchanted ya it's been that long. Ergo you should all take me to movies because i can't afford to see them. Just kidding, you can if you want but I'm pretty sure eventually I'll find a way to see them. But, i recently came to the realization that money isn't everything, and so what if my bank account starts to become empty. I want those experiences that I'll enjoy forever. What the heck does it say about a person when they have lots of money in there bank account but never spend any of it. And miss out on those experiences. But i probably won't really follow this principle until late in life when i will just spend all my money cause I'm gonna die soon. BOO, that is what i have to say to that, I want to spend my money now. It is like those commercials on TV "It's my money and i want ti now!" But with me its "It's my money and i want to spend it now!" Stupid college taking my money, stupid government taking my money, stupid gas and cell phone bill... Oh to live for two years and not have to worry about money, i long for a day like that... Wait a minute, a day like that is coming in 80 days, i just counted, alright! So here is me being preachy for today, don't hoard all you money go out and spend some have fun and enjoy life.

NOTE: I still hate school for sucking away all of the money i will ever make for the next 7 plus years.

Well that was just like an explosion of thoughts. As Preston called them "mind grapes" a cluster of thoughts sometimes completely unrelated, but it's what comes to mind.

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