Saturday, April 12, 2008


I know what your all saying right now. "Baseball... Baseball what a joke!" Or something to that extent, because really who likes baseball now-a-days. ME! That's right i love it. And to you who say boo to America's Pastime well America says boo to you. But really i think i have professed my love for baseball in other blogs. The point of this blog is to let you know that I'm just like you that's right, and you'll see why.

First off I'm right there with all of you when you say that watching it is so boring. But i add to that by saying watching it on TV is boring. There is exceptions to that. If it is two really good teams and it is a really good game, you'll usually know by the end of the first couple innings. And if it is the World Series. No ifs ands or buts. Although no matter how bad the game is, seeing a game in person cannot be rivaled. Generally by this i mean Professional but it goes for everything Little League, which i will profess my love for later, Babe Ruth, High School, College, Farm Leagues, Double A, Triple A, that should just about cover it. All of these games are made better by actually being there. For those of you who don't like baseball i have a challenge for you. Go to a MLB game. But don't just go, go with someone who knows the game, preferably me if your paying, and go with an open mind. If after, you still at least don't accept the sport i applaud your efforts for enduring 9 innings of a sport you don't like, but i might still yell at you for not liking it.

That right there is Busch Stadium, home of the greatest team ever. The St. Louis Cardinals

On to my next reason why baseball is great. Well it gets so much crap for being slow or lazy or things like that. All i have to say is talk to a scientist about how hard it is to hit a round ball with a round bat at speeds as high as 110 MPH. It is pretty dang hard. Skill wise baseball is the hardest game also rules i think are pretty hard cause there are so many. I will give you credit on the lazy sport thing. But up in the mind it is the most difficult. I give props to soccer players football basketball and everything else cause you people work hard and your sports are awesome plus all that continual running is killer, although playing Ultimate at a Collegiate level as let me experience the whole running continual thing so after awhile it isn't that bad. And to those of you who say it is slow, yes it's pretty slow, but not while you actually playing. I admit at times it seems slow but it really isn't.

Next: Little League. That's right folks little league baseball is the greatest thing ever invented. I played soccer, basketball, football, the works. And baseball is at the top. I know that now and thought that while i was playing. Granted the only soccer, basketball, and football i played was through Murray rec. But that was all the baseball i played. Organization was better, while i was there team unity was great. I played with the same core group of guys from the time i was 8 till i was 12. I never experienced that with any other sport. And pretty much the most intense games i ever played in or ever saw have been Little League games. Those kids are out there just having fun and trying to win and it gets pretty intense at times. I absolutely love it.

Murray Little League Baseball, the best!

Not the Four-a-Diamonds at good old Grant park but it'll do.

So pretty much i love baseball. I am gonna miss it for the next two years but luckily it is my little brothers last year in little league. So the next time that i can watch one of those games without being called a "creepy guy who gets way into games where no one he knows is playing" is when I've got kids playing, and hopefully I'll be coaching them. Give baseball a break. They try hard and no one gives it a chance. I give major props to other sports. I don't like to watch soccer on TV but going to an actual game is amazing and playing is really fun, i just suck at it. And well i don't know of many people who don't like watching Basketball or Football. Well just kidding my mom hates football, and i only got really into it because of fantasy. But that's besides the point. Basically love all sports and give all sports a chance they each have something fun to offer. Don't be Haters world, be Lovers. Any questions on baseball or anything i would be happy to answer, especially if you right now profess to dislike baseball. Keep it up world, till next time.

Note: I pretty much hate country music. But this song by Kenny Rogers is a great baseball song, plus everyday in health senior year Josh would say "Hey Dodge, wanna hear an awesome song?" and everytime it was this song. Also i have never listened to the whole thing, but from what i have heard and from what josh says about it, it has to be good. Also Winter by Joshua Radin is just a sweet song.

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KellyRose said...

i love baseball. i do. its right up there on the list along with cereal.