Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just Do It

How much do you think Nike makes every time someone says that phrase? Just a thought i mean really everybody knows it well pretty much everybody knows it there is always a few out there but seriously. Well that is not what i wanted to talk about really i just wanted to say Conference was great today. I actually took notes and listened intently. I loved it. So when it comes to watching conference just do it. Even if your not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The council given is a worldwide council. Love one another, Give service, be righteous. All those things. I recently have come to realize that if it is good it's of God so as long as the person is saying stuff that is good then it is of God it doesn't matter if there Black, White, Purple, Aqua Marine (what a fun color), LDS, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or any other kind of religion or race or whatever. If it is good it's of God. Well that was me being preachy for the second time today, i believe i am over my quota.

But what i really wanted to say is please go read John Mayer's Blog. Just click on the link to the right of this post really it is worth the extra 5 minutes it may take. For those of you who don't know i really really really love John Mayer. His music "Speaks to my Soul" (Ellen you really should of put a Trademark on that term cause if not I'm going to keep using it) He is the greatest guitarist of my generation. Yes i said it i don't care who you are i know his early stuff was kind of pop lets sell some albums type of stuff, but really sit down and try to play his stuff and tell me he isn't really good.

Also his lyrics really speak to me. Stop this Train is a prime example. I first really started to listen to that song right as I was graduating from High School and starting college. Friends were going on missions i was getting ready to go all these major changes in my life. It really spoke to me. Pretty much the whole Continuum Album spoke to me. I went out and bought the sheet music to it and the preface to the music really say's it all. (if you ever want to see it let me know) So that was my John Mayer Pitch. And like i say Just Do it! Read his last blog entry it really spoke to me, like all his stuff does.


Karin. said...

I'm so happy I found your blog, you make me laugh!!

Elarsen22 said...

Consider the phrase claimed! but please use over and over and over again because it is great and i love the way it expresses :) after all things of the soul need to be expressed. But o my john mayer is everything you said he was. I love the continuum album, mmmm mucho bueno. Actually when i got on your blog and stop this train was the song my first thoughts were "i love this song, especially right now and i think i will comment about it" little did i know that your post was really about it! so happy. But seriously that album speaks, very loudly and very clearly. love it. also as always love your blog, its one of those where i totally hear you talking out loud - hilarious