Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Oh So Unpredictable Mother Nature

World, can i just say i love Mother Nature. She is always keeping things interesting. Today i experienced yet another different form of weather. I was walking to my Billiards class at the Fieldhouse, and it was cloudy outside but the sun was poking through in several spots. Well all of a sudden is starts to snow/hail. It was like hail but it was light like snow so it kinda just fell down in little balls. The thing about it though was that it carried with it the fresh scent of rain. Don't you just love the smell of rain? I do it is just beautiful. So today i experienced a sunny snow/hail storm with the fresh scent of rain. How absolutely wonderful.

Well to show how unpredictable mother nature can be let me explain what the weather has been like this week in wonderful Logan Utah. Monday was absolutely amazing as explained in my last post. It was sunny blue skies and a slight breeze. Just amazing. Then on Tuesday we dropped 30 or so degrees and it was cold and snowy. I loved it. Those snowy days in April mean so much. First it reminds you what you just went through during winter so we need to appreciate those warm days. Next it lets you see the beauty of snow again, we won't see it for awhile i would say after this week. I just love it. Some people choose to be a downer on a day like yesterday, and to those people i say boo. If you don't like it go live somewhere else. Spring in Utah is just something you've got to love. And don't get me wrong i can't wait till it is bright and sunny and warm, but enjoy everything. Roll with the punches. That is kind of a new philosophy I'm trying to adopt. And of course today's sunny snow/hail storm with the fresh scent of rain. Life is an adventure. Enjoy it, go with whats given you and make the best of it. When you look back you'll be happy with what you did.

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