Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why Am I Still Married To Technology?

Look at me world. I said that i might not blog as often now that I'm home but then i realized that i don't sleep. I just sit and stare for awhile till i give up, then what do i do? of course write a blog especially when somethings on my mind. And that thing is technology. I like to think i know a thing or two about technology. Key word "THINK!"

I am in a seriously messed up relationship with technology sometimes i really really love it to the point that i would marry it. But then we get in a fight, it does something bad to me, and i do something bad to it. It's a vicious circle really. And just think of the messy divorce that would come from it. And think of our creepy technosapien children. (technosapien is a cross between technology and a human) Anyway the point is technology loves to piss me off.

For example this semester when i realized that my hard drive on my laptop was nearly full i decided to purchase an external hard drive to keep all my music on and to have it there to store away when i go on my mission. Well i got it and put everything on and it worked great... then of course it had to go and make me mad. It started to make this weird clicking/buzzing noise then it would just disconnect from my computer. Well i have tried most everything next to taking it somewhere and letting them do something about it. Well it still works for me but only when it feels like it and then it will shut off right when I'm in the middle of something awesome, like the cure for cancer and world peace. I am convinced i could figure them out if technology just worked for me.

Next example. My dad brought home a wireless router like 6 months ago, but because our computer moved like a college student going to class in the dead of winter when it is 8000 degrees below zero we couldn't set it up. What I'm trying to say was it was slow and was on the verge of death. We just got a new computer so my dad and i started what we thought would be the easy task of setting up our wireless network. Well an hour later we were stuck at the same point, and i swear to you it is not user error i checked, double checked, rechecked the double check, and then checked again just for good measure. Every time the same thing wouldn't let us pass and we were stuck. So my dad went to bed, but me with my insane inner drive to get back at technology by bettering it spent another 45 minutes searching every possible way i could get it to work. But technology prevails and once again I'm left with the raising our technosapien children alone.

I realize that we still have the cable connection and all that jazz, but with the wireless i have freedom plus we can connect the Nintendo Wii and xbox 360 to it and for the next 2 months i can destroy people all around the world in Mario kart and super smash brothers, come on how cool is that. Anyway eventually I'll figure it out/ my dad will ask the geniuses at his work and they'll figure it out for us.

I realize that all I've done is rail on technology but really we all love it. Because if we didn't have it i couldn't have posted this for all to read. Also when you figure something out it is such a great feeling. For example when i got home yesterday i began to put things away. For things like the TV fridge microwave and other such items i needed to take them into what i have come to call the black whole. The black whole is supposed to be an exercise room. cue hysterical laughter. But really we might as well be running a used electronics shop. We have a couple TVs a record player and a ton of accessories to computers including 2 monitors. So i took one of the monitors and have successfully set up a duel display. You know like in the stores when they have a ton of screens showing what is being filmed on the camera, kind of like that. Basically on my laptop screen right now i am writing this, while on the monitor i hooked up i would have my iTunes displayed playing my favorite tunes, if my hard drive didn't hate me so much. It's pretty sweet!

So without technology we couldn't do a ton of things we take for granted. And yet agian, I'm forced back into my horrible marriage with technology one more time. Here's hoping :) Once agian i prove that i short or even average length post is impossible to me.

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Kelly said...

dual screen! spencer i am very proud.