Sunday, May 25, 2008

back from a short nap

That's right world I'm back and great news so is the Exploder. He lives to fight another day, although i doubt he will win any great battles. I was so excited to find out that all i needed to do was pay 460 bucks and the Exploder would run like, well like a really warn out car. Luckily the parentals foot the bill for which i am extremely grateful. Don't get me wrong trax is great and all but there are sure some weirdies riding it. Also being able to go wherever i want without hitching a ride or borrowing a car is so nice. I know people live without cars and with gas now i might as well, but i missed the exploder. He is one of my last great friends that hasn't left me. So yay! Well i could write more but for once in my life i have achieved a short post. The day is mine! Keep it up world and i'll see ya in a few.

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