Tuesday, May 27, 2008

44 Days!!

That's right world in 44 days i will enter the MTC! Holy crap. To some of you it may seem like I've got a ton of time, but in my mind i don't. It's not that i am worried about leaving or that i don't have most of my stuff ready. What it is, is that every time i do something one thought crosses my mind. This could be the last time i do that for 2 years. That thought is amazing and craptastic all at once. On one hand, sweet I'm finally going on a mission, on the other hand, crap i am really going to miss that.

I have always know this feeling would come, but it really hit me just before one of my best friends left about a week ago. My mom was asking him what his last movie and TV show were going to be. He said that he wasn't worried about that he didn't really watch movies and he really only watched the Jazz games. What he was worried about was his last song. When my mom asked him that it just hit me like a ton of Feathers. (I figure a ton of feathers is more dramatic cause it would be a whole lot more and it doesn't hurt when it is dropped on you. really a plus in every direction.) Well it hit me because all that stuff has been a huge part of my life.

Movies are one of my passions. Nothing beats a good movie, well maybe somethings but you know when you walk out of a movie smiling because it was so good, or when you stand up after watching that one movie you watch all the time and say "still as good as the first time i saw it." That is what I'm talking about. I am going to have a hard time picking out my last movie. New movie it will probably be Wall-E, and the one of seen plenty of times is gonna have to be The Count of Monte Cristo. I just love that show.

TV shows, well if you know me, you will know that of course the last TV show I'll watch is gonna be the office. By the way season finale was amazing wow. But what is gonna be hard for me is deciding which episode to watch as my last. I am still not sure what it will be, I'll gladly except suggestions. Probably one from each of the 4 seasons.

And finally music. My last song is gonna be the hardest decision for me. I love music! I honestly don't know what i could say to let you know how much i love it. So i think what I'll have to do is create a "Last Playlist" and listen to that last as a whole, but still if the last song isn't good I'm gonna flip. Just think world, if you had to pick one song as your last real song for 2 years what would it be? That is not a rhetorical question, i need answers.

So anyway I've got some really hard decisions to make, not to mention last home cooked meal, last game of Ultimate, and i need to decide if I'm gonna go on a last date. During High school i didn't date much because i figure why spend money on someone elses wife, and why would i pay for girls to hang out with me. I know they are rather cynical views but you can't deny that they're true. Don't get me wrong I've been on some awesome dates and i don't mind spending money on girls, i figure it goes towards a good cause. And I'm pretty sure two years from now those views will be completely different. But for now I'll see what happens. Is it to late? Maybe I'll just stick to hanging out with the coolest girls in the world, instead of dating them.

Well that's what has been going through my mind lately, also i am deathly afraid my iPod will die before i leave, and that the exploder won't last. Here's hopin'. Keep it real world, until next time.


Rob! said...

dude you've got 44, that means i've only got...93!!! geez louis thats more than double... well counting it isn't as cool as i thought it'd be. Hey but seriously lets chill lots for these last 40 days aight? you me coleton and zach while we still can...

Anonymous said...

heartbeats should fuh shizz be on that last playlist

Elarsen22 said...

how bout this compromise rog, - I'll take you on your last date? we'll do somethin killer haha