Friday, May 16, 2008

The Best Super Hero Movie

This is it folks. This is the post i have been talking about. First thanks to Lindsey for the idea. And also this might not be as good as you may be expecting. Preston was the movie guy, really that kid would surprise me each week with his movie Monday post i just loved it. But since he has been gone for 5 months I'm gonna step in on this one.

Rules must have already been released and i must have seen it. I've seen most of the super hero movies because well i love them, also if i didn't see it, it wouldn't make it on the list anyway. Also when i say super hero i generally mean comic book stuff. That is why batman and iron man are possibilities. Batman is not a super hero, you have no argument that can prove he is so get over it. He is a rich guy with issues and a vendetta against crime. No special powers, no mutations, just a lot of money and free time. And finally it must have been recently released. This rules out the old batman movies and superman although they are awesome they aren't in the running. That should about do it for the rules hope you enjoy, and if you don't agree let me know I'd love a discussion on this.

Alright first we need to have our options out there, if i miss anything let me know. Spider man (1 2 and 3), X-men (1 2 and 3), Batman Begins, Fantastic Four (1 and 2) Superman Returns, Iron Man, Daredevil, Hellboy, Hulk, Transformers. I realize that transformers is not a superhero movie but it counts cause i say it does. I think i got them all, i left off some of the lame ones that i have seen cause really there was no point plus it is kind of embarrassing that I've seen them.

From this list i am immediately getting rid of Spider man 3, both fantastic fours, Hulk, Daredevil and Hellboy, and Superman Returns. Why? well actually other then the whole Emo part in Spider man 3 i liked it but since when does turning emo make you an amazing dancer come on what a joke. Fantastic four 1 and 2 again actually liked these movies but they could have done such a better job with them. And Hulk was just a complete joke. I didn't help that i saw it at a drive-in but it was hard to follow and was a complete waste of my time. Hellboy was just weird fighting strange snake looking things and alien lions wow. Daredevil again wasn't bad but it just isn't up there for me. Superman Returns was good cause i love superman, but you can't have a superman movie where superman can't punch anyone because they are to weak and he would kill them. Superman needs someone to fight.

So this leaves behind Spider man (1 and 2) All three X-men, Batman Begins, Iron Man, and Transformers. The next to go is X-men three, really it was just its name, The last stand. They can't end it like that no way and the next one is just a wolverine spin off all i have to say is BOO!. Next i get rid of both Spider man 1 and X-men 1 both great shows but they get beat out by the others. Now it gets tough the 5 remaining shows are some of my favorite of all time. I'll tell you why and then just announce my winner.

Spider man 2: Spidey vs. Doc Oct, it doesn't get much better then that. I loved the fight scene. I loved pretty much everything besides the whole floating Cadillac in the sky scene. If that is what Heaven is I'll stay down here for awhile longer.

X-men 2: best opening scene in all of the comic book movies. Night Crawler kicking butt in the white house sweet. Plus some of the best fight scenes, and at the end with the for shadowing of the Phoenix, so much potential. I just loved it.

Batman Begins: I loved this show, i loved being able to watch batman be born it was such a cool thing for me to see. That is what really got it for me. Best line "where are the other drugs going!" just love that.

Iron Man: I could be that i just saw this twice but still it is so cool. Having suit that can dominate like that. Do you think i could take one on my mission. It would never wear out with daily use so I'd be set. And again watching where Iron Man comes from is so cool.

Transformers: Come on all i have to say is the name and your all freaking out. Awesome cars, Huge fights, Hot Girls, Big explosions. It is the perfect guy movie.

Alright the time has come. The winner is BATMAN BEGINS. I just love this show, ever since i saw it with my dad and brothers it has been one of my favorite shows just behind The Count of Monte Cristo. In fact i think I'll watch it tomorrow. Well here is the order my top 5 superhero/comic book moves go.
1. Batman Begins
2. Iron Man
3. Transformers
4. X-men 2
5. Spider man 2

There you have it folks. Iron Man will have to fight to keep its place i think I'm biased because i have just scene it, while the others it has been awhile. i was going to do a ton of pictures but it is late and this is long enough already sorry again but thanks for reading.


Kelly said...

trasnformers. hands down. like i LOVE batman, i think he's the shiz, but still. and i know i havent seen iron man, but hello it is aliens that can take the form of any electronic they want! namely cars. i would totally want a transforming butt kicking car then a suit.

Lindsay said...

Yes, Spider-man is for sure my favorite hero..however i hate how cheezy the movies are! Not to mention I can't stand the leading actor and actress. BUT the fight scenes are the coolest!
Superman is just too powerful. It's almost lame that he can do anything.
I totally agree with the beginning of x-men 2 night crawler kicks serious trash!
Batman isn't a hero-this is true. But the movie is still tight. I like the quote "swear to me!" hahaha
Transformers is the best! I think that takes the cake for my poll. They look so stinkin cool and it's quite comical as well! Very intense.
I haven't seen Ironman yet, but am way excited for it.
Wow...i'm a nerd. haha thanks for the awesome-eye-opening post :)