Friday, May 9, 2008

Quick Update

I am alive but after my last few post being longer then the entirety of most peoples blogs i decided to take a break. Also this is gonna be short, more to come on some of it.
I solved our wireless router problem "The Day is mine!" Also i went through the Temple last Saturday and it was amazing, went again yesterday with a couple of the guys so choice. Saw Ironman, and have come to the conclusion that i am Ironman/will be him at some point, I'm currently working on my suit. Working a lot, have come to the realization that work sucks when your best friend isn't there with you all the time. And finally tonight i got a call from a sister missionary. I think she is either in the MTC or Temple Square. Elder Josh Sponbeck wants to send me a copy of the book of Mormon, long story short josh knows how to get to me. more to come on this i promise but alas (when i say that i feel like dumbledore/pre J.K. Rowling making him gay, what was up with that?) i have work in the wee hours of the morning and must enter into a period of sleep. Keep it classy world. (Anchorman what a great show!)

Me/soon to be me

Josh wants to send me one of these, i wonder what it is?


Lindsay said...

I still have to see Ironman! I've heard it was great! Do you think it's the best super-hero movie yet? Just curious. hehe I'm confused why Joshua is sending you a Book of Mormon..why are you so lucky? hehe

Spencer said...

Just saw it for the second time tonight it was awesome! Best super-hero movie yet? well i'm not sure perhaps this should be a post i like the possibilities. And in my next post i'll answer the B.O.M. question.