Friday, May 30, 2008

I'll admit it i'm jealous of your purse!

That's right world, i am one of those guys who is jealous of the fact that girls get purses. And i know some of you are saying "so why don't you carry a purse?" I'll tell you why, cause you look stupid. Come on have you ever seen a guy carrying a purse and not thought "what an idiot." or "he's got to be gay." or any other myriad of thoughts like that. I just wouldn't feel right carrying one, although it would be sweet. And it's not that i care what people think, well i do but only to an extent. I don't care who says it, you always care what others think. Maybe not everybody but you definitely care what someone thinks of you, don't try to argue because you'll loose. End of story.

But anyway now that I've gone an my tyraid on why i can't carry a purse let me tell you why i want to. First off we guys get the shaft on this, i know girls get the shaft on a whole lot of stuff but we guys get it on this one. Our whole lives are confined to 2 inch flap of leather. All our stuff must fit in that and then we have to carry keys phones iPods gum and whatever else in our pockets. BOO is all i have to say to that. I hate it when my pockets are full of stuff i feel bulky and weird. If i could carry a purse i would have a spot for everything.

I would especially love it for my keys. I am a firm believer in the way certain things tell others who you are. One of those objects is my keys. I have certain key chains along with the two keys i need. And everything on there is there for a reason. Some people just have a key and that is cool with me, is says i like it simple and easy. But because i have key chains as well, having a purse to stick my keys in would be glorious. Then i could just keep my phone in my pocket and I'd be set. Plus with a purse i could carry along a book to read when I've got down time and my iPod all the time. I try to have my pod on my most the time but sometimes it just isn't practical and for this purpose alone a purse would rock. And anything else like a tazer, tazers are sweet. You can't carry a tazer in you pocket what if it went off. Bad news! Also I'd have a pen a pad of paper, you never know when you need to write something down.

George Costanza said " I can't carry a pen." Jerry asks why not, his response "I'm afraid it will puncture my scrotum."

Valid point to this day i don't carry a pen, at least in my front pocket. Those are the reasons that i wish i could carry a purse. So world when it becomes socially acceptable for men to carry purses you better believe that I'll be one of them.

P.S. this post is the big 5-0. 50 post have been achieved, here is to 50 more! Thanks!

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Kelly said...

haaaaaaahahaha spencer you make me laugh. you could carry a man purse. those are cool. i have friends that do that. or the backpack. i'm a big fan of the backpack. almost all my friends do that. backpacks are great because you never know when you will be moved for an impulsive adventure.