Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sad Day :(

Today world we say goodbye to a verygood friend. Actually two very good friends but hopefully one will come back real soon, and the other well i'll see him in 7 weeks.

I am talking about of course Alvin Green. Alvin and I met Jr. year playing on the Tennis Team. That's right the Tennis team! It was so much fun, and we thought we were so hard core. Since then Alvin and i have been great friends. Alvin leaves tomorrow, and as of this moment is a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That means that i am the last one left of the 5 of us. Brock, Josh, Preston, Alvin and I, we did pretty much everything together and i miss them a ton. Some of the best times with Alvin were, of course Tennis, Sconecutter. Chasing after Alvins car when they ditched me to ride with Brock and his "girlfriend."

I don't like this girl at all, pretty much she sucked. Nice girl but to step in a month before brock left was lame. Note to all the ladys out there. DO NOT do this! Unless your cool and let your boyfriend hang with the guys. Or if said guy has no friends, then of course he needs a friend. Anyway Alvin always comments on how fast i ran, he didn't think i had it in me. I can run pretty fast when i need to.

Other things that will be missed, volleyball, Alvin was the one who would get us off our butts to do something cool like that. And pretty much anything active like that. Thanks Alvin i'll miss you but hey i'll see you in 7 weeks. God Speed Elder!

And on to my second friend. The Exploder died today. Really i am heartbroken. That car and i have been through a whole lot but hopefully he can be fixed and come back to me. More to come on this later, but for now i am going to ride my bike to my little brothers baseball game.

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Kelly said...

poor exploder. it served you well.