Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bad News...

World i need to print a retraction. Well in my last post i so proudly announced that i would be getting a mission call the is next Wednesday. BAD NEWS, i found out today that they were never submitted. Needless to say i was not to happy, when my dad told me i felt like sulking in my room and playing angry music on my guitar. Then i realized i don't know how to play angry music, generally I'm a pretty happy guy. Well then as i tried to walk away to sulk my Dad reminded me that I'll still go, I'll still go when i supposed to go, and I'll still be going to the same place. That is where to Lord wants me. A test of patients (is that correct? English is so confusing) is what i have heard thousands of times. Quite frankly I'm sick of it but i know that I'll deal with a lot worse out in the field so I'm going to say it for all to read THANK YOU for making me wait Lord.

Well now onto feeling like an idiot. In my total excitement i began telling everybody within year shot that i was getting my call this coming Wednesday. Complete strangers, random people, people i don't even like. Everybody! It began with "Hopefully this Wednesday I'll get my call." And then changed to "I'm getting my call this Wednesday!" To quote Aladdin "I feel sheepish" extra points for who said it. So i apologize world but eventually it will come and then "The world will know!" even more points for what that quote is from. (wow two Disney quotes in one post) So until then i guess I'll have to learn to wait patiently (notice correct spelling, i looked it up) Sorry world but just think if your disappointed times that by one billion and that is how i feel. My time will come.

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DalPal said...

First, "I feel sheepish." must be from the Genie. And "The world will know." sounds like it's from Newsies. Am I right?
Also, the first time you used patients should read "patience."

Let me tell you my little secret...
I go there every time that I'm not sure about the spelling of a word.