Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things/People....

Well world as usual before i get into my post i have some business i need to take care of. First off sorry if the video didn't work. It worked when i uploaded it and previewed my post but it wouldn't show up in the actual post so sorry, I'll keep trying but it doesn't look to good. Next thank you readers for your congratulations and excitement for my call. It really means a lot you guys rock. Also thank you readers for leaving comments. It always helps to be reminded that people might care what you have to say. Also on the mission front, i will be posting some stuff about my mission so you guys will know all about it, but not today. Well that takes care of business on to what i really want to say.

Like the title says world, I will be telling you a very small portion of my favorite things, in fact really just one aspect. And that is Friends. World i have the best friends in the entire world. Just some examples from this weekend. I get down to M-town and it is windy wow, first thought "Dang it is way to windy to play Frisbee :(" Second thought "But it is a great day to fly a kite!!!:)" I love flying kites. There is just something about it that makes me feel free. Also whenever i fly kites i always give a couple people a call Ellen and Brooke. I love those two girls so much. This is the second time we have flown kites together and i wouldn't trade it for the world. Thanks lady's! But on to friends and why i love them. When i went to go fly my kite i gave Ellen a call and she showed up right away. Then i called Brooke she didn't answer but sure enough she showed up. Even if it only was for a few minutes she was still there. That is just one example of why my friends are so great. They are always there when you need them. So thanks.

Moving on to that night. Well it has become sort of a tradition to get the guys together (the few of us that remain) and have a going away sleep over the weekend before they leave. Well that is what we did. Field opened up his house and he Wessmen Spencer and I just chilled. Coleton was missed but the kid needed sleep. Well this night it really hit me just how few of us our left. Up until now it really has seemed that there was still a lot of the guys to hang with, well this weekend it really hit me. But you wanna know what? Those remaining guys are always there to have a good time. Thanks a ton guys i don't know what I'd do without you.

Because of how few of us our left, it really makes me miss everybody. Especially Josh Brock Preston and Alvin (Alvin isn't gone yet but he might as well be, he actually spends time at his college). Those kids are my best friends in the whole world! We were always doing something, whether that was chillin at "the place" or Preston's basement or sitting in front of a blazing fire in the middle of august at Brock's we were always there for each other. And we still are. I have started to write josh Brock and Preston weekly to let them know whats up and they always let me know how things are going. Alvin and i talk every once and a while, maybe not as often as we should. I hate talking on the phone. But we still talk and hang out occasionally. All i can say is the lord better keep me really busy the next two years cause not being able to talk or see these guys just might kill me.

And last but not least Ultimate. I know that some of you may be sick of me going on and on about ultimate Frisbee, but i love it so much and some of my best friends love it to. Here is a quick shout out to Ellen (again), Lindsay (i never knew Lindsay as well mostly through Frisbee and josh, but she is awesome), and Jason. You guys rock thanks for always playing, and you are a few of my favorite people. I was going to use things but that is kind of weird as they all are people.

So that sorta came out like i wanted it to but it is 1:36 in the AM and i did play Ultimate for 2 and 1/2 hours so can you blame me if my mind isn't functioning properly? Keep it real world and thanks.

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