Saturday, March 15, 2008

In My Mind

Last night i really wanted to post but it was way way way past when i should have gone to bed so i post-poned it till tonight when i should be in bed haha. So I've had a lot going through my mind the last few days and i thought I'd share it with the world. (note: by world i refer to the few people who actually read this THANKS)

So the last few days have been really good. Each day i am getting closer to knowing just where i will be for the next two years. I am so excited! I tell everybody i can, so hopefully I get my call this coming Wednesday cause if not i won't be the only one disappointed. But I was thinking about it today and today my call was probably made can you believe it. I was thinking about it at around 2:00, and well my call could have been made at that time. How unbelievably cool would that be. Wow i am so excited to the max!!! Well anyway that has been what is in my head for the last few days, along with just straight up missionary work.

Whenever i think about missionary work, i think about some of my best friends who are out there serving right now. And since i am a terrible writer i don't hear from them as often as i want to. (This is my fault I'm a terrible person i know.) So to supplement that last night when i should have been sleeping, i went back and read some of Josh's and Preston's old posts. This was one of the best and worse decisions i have made lately. Best because i was hearing there voice again. Both of them in my opinion really made there blogs theirs. (for any of you out there reading this if i didn't use the there and theirs correctly either tell me or deal with it) When i read them i can pretty much hear them telling me this stuff. It could be that I've known them for so long or that we spent a ton of time together but i can just hear them in their writing. Another reason it was good is because it really made me miss them. Miss them? you ask, how is missing them good. Well when i miss them it makes me think how crappy it is to be here not on a mission and how bad i want to be out doing what they are doing. Also the missing them is the bad part. I think about all the great times we had and all the outlandish schemes we came up with and how it will never be the same again. I know they will be there when i get home but will they really. We all pretty well agreed not to get married for at least the first year. I really want to hold them to that, but if it is the right girl and the right time who am i to interfere with there life and the Lords plan for them. But on that note I'll probably beat the crap out of them before i get over it and tell them congratulations. Well anyway just thought I'd say i missed them a ton and maybe this will get me to write letters so i can hear what they have to say now, instead of what they said months ago. So if you are really bored or just don't sleep at times like i do go over to my links and read some of Preston's or Josh's blogs.

Well just would like to say Spring Break rocked thanks to the Fam the Guys and Brooke (we finally did it, we watched little giants about time) And all you people out there who made my week a fun one. Keep it real and if i don't post before next Wednesday I'll be posting on my call and my feelings about it. Feel free to call me or facebook me with guesses to where i will serve. the winner will receive... well probably nothing but know that they guessed where I'll be, out of anywhere in the world you guessed it. Well world so long for tonight and I'll catch you later.

Where will I go?


*Jess!ca* said...

Reading that was really touching. CUTE! Anyways I wasn't going to say anything about your grammar, but since you insisted, I will...

Let me let you in on a little secret.
They're-use for they are...they're doing this with their ball.

SO good attempt in this...
"Best because i was hearing there voice again. Both of them in my opinion really made there blogs theirs."

REVISION-Best because I was hearing their voices again. Both of them in my opinion really made their blogs theirs.

See easy, simple, painless. lol best of luck in your pre-mission jouneys, I am quite excited to find out where you will go...however I have no guesses of where you will go, so I'll just live the next 3 days in agony! haha

DalPal said...

I was just going to do a smaller version of what Jessica just did with the grammar! I agree with her.

My guess is BRASIL!! (Just because I could tell you all about it!)

Elarsen22 said...

Come on Rog we all know that you're going to California :)