Saturday, February 2, 2008


Holy Crap people, i just did the most amazing thing that no one besides me will care about. I did the perfect parking job. Ya i know what your thinking, Big one cares etc. But let me just tell you people, parking is a big deal. Don't you hate it when you go to pull into this sweet spot and your wondering why no one has taken the spot, and then when you go to pull in the car next to you is parked so horribly that the spot is useless unless you drive a motorcylce. Wow i hate that and i know you do to. Well today when i pulled in to a spot in the parking terrace up here in the frozen lands of the north, i parked so well that you wouldn't even believe. I was flippin out. I pulled in and was so close to the car next to me when i pulled in but i kept with and and when i was done i wanted to stand there and cherish how well i had done, then the cold kicked in and well i wanted to go inside. Well the moral of the story is parked amazingly. You are all jeolous i know. And when you park next time make sure you are centered in your space and not crooked, other people want to park as well.

Moving on i want to talk about parking i general. Let me tell you about the first parking stall. It choice i absolutely love it when i get that first space in the parking lot, it feels so good. Even better than that first space is the pull through bonus in the first space. That is a small miricle let me tell you and if you happen to get the first stall pull through, take a picture or film it or something cause it probably won't happen agian for quite sometime. Well unless you are up at some ungodly hour in which case take it no one wants you spot. I know this because last semester of senior year i took early morning seminary. Instead of parking over by the seminary i would everyday take the first stall pull through right by the entrance. Take that all you kids who had NHS (national honors society) parking, my spot was ten times better. But back to my point, no one cared that i got the spot everyday, i was there at a time when no one should be there so i got the spot and no one cared.

To finish up the parking post, i would like to say a little something about the diagonal parking stalls. WHAT THE DUECE!!! I hate having to know which way i'm supposed to be going when i park, i just want to drive around wherever till i find that good spot. Plus when you have the diagonal parking it basically eliminates the pull through bonus because when you pull out you going the wrong way. Man i hate that stuff, one day i'll go in the middle of the night with a bunch of people and paint the diagonal lines black and then paint the correct lines over them. I will take care of all this nonsense. Well thats what i have to say about parking. Park well my friends.


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