Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What an experience!!!

Ok yet another week goes by and i still can't believe i'm in the
MTC learnin' German!!! Really the other day when we were going
over some ridiculous grammer concept i just started laughing in the
middle of class. That is probably from the fact that i've been
doing the exact same thing everyday for the last 5 weeks, but also
cause i am flippin' learnin' German. It has been so amazing to
learn it. And this week has especially rocked because we started
teaching the lessons auf Deutsch. Ya this last Tuesday Elder
Houston and I taught the Restoration auf Deutsch and it was
amazing!!! Here is what happened: So tuesday morning I still
don't feel as prepared as i wanted to be, but as always we worked
at it and then prayed and told the Lord that we couldn't do this
without his help and that we knew that since we put forth the
effort to prepare he could do the rest for us. So we went into our
TE with Bro. Sorber. Bro. Sorber is only like the coolest teacher
ever, and also the hardest Teacher to teach. If you screw up he
will let you know like hardcore, he will start pullin up scriptures
and ripping you down. But that is only if you screw up bad. So we
sit down and we start teaching him. We get through God is our
Loving Heavenly Father and Families, then we get to prophets and as
i finish i tell him that we have prophets on the earth today, and
that it is so important that we have prophets and that we listen to
them. And he starts going off, on how all the answers we need are
in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, so why do we need prophets
today. Now let me remind you that this is all in German. So we
kind of fumble around with the issue of drugs and what not, but
then he pulls out a scripture that warns us about drugs. So i kind
of take a second and think about things then the spirit prompts me
to talk about the Family and Pres. Hinckley proclamation to the
world stuff, so we do, we start talking about it and how the family
is under attack today and that because we have prophets we know how
to strengthen and keep our families safe. He just ate it up and
was fine with having prophets today. Well since we had just gone
off on this point about prophets it didn't feel right to go back to
Christs earthly ministry. So we started talking about Joseph Smith
and all the ordinances that were restored through him, like correct
baptism. Oh no i did not just open up a door i didn't want to go
to. But yes, yes i did. So he says well i was baptized, and we
tell him that it was not correct, that we must follow the example
of Jesus Christ and be baptized by immersion. So them he asks
about all the people that lived between Christ and Joseph Smith
what about them, God loves them, but without proper baptism they
are lost. So we talk about Temples and Baptisms for the dead.
Once again can i remind you this is all in German. I don't even
know how to say have the stuff i said!!! That is all the Lord, and
no one else can tell me otherwise. So we explain it all and the
spirit was so strong that it made sense to him and to us. So wow
we got out of that explosion alive, but then he realizes that we
just told him that his baptism didn't count and neither did his
families. So we just explained that yes it wasn't correct, but
that he could be baptized into the true church on the earth. So
what do we do next? We flippin committed him to baptism!!! And he
said yes!!!!!!! Are you kidding me! I couldn't believe it. we
hadn't even taught all the stuff you supposed to. But then again,
we don't teach lessons, We TEACH PEOPLE!! Wow this was amazing.
We closed with giving him some scriptures to read and telling him
to continue to pray about it. Wow it was amazing. But that is not
all, he starts to give us feedback, told us our german was really
good, and that he liked how we addressed his concerns and how we
talked about the temple, a thing most missionaries are afraid to
talk about period, but we did it in the first lesson. And then the
flippin Icing on the cake. He told us that in his 2 years of
teaching at the MTC no elders have ever committed him to baptism.
When he said this i had the biggest grin on my face. He told us
that the spirit when we teach is so strong that no one would ever
say no to a commitment like that. I had the dumbest grin on my
face for the rest of the day. And you want to know why? I'll tell
you, it's because this Church is True, it is because whom the Lord
calls he qualifies. That was not me in that room teaching and
speaking all that german and talking about things i had never even
studied. That! Was the Lord! And i will boast in my God
continually. As of myself i am nothing, i am weak, i am a 19 year
old kid who is doing what the Lord wants me to do. But with the
Lord nothing can get in the way!!! Nothing! Family and friends,
when i walked out of that room, they could have handed me a plane
ticket to Germany and said "elder we need you there right now."
And i would have taken it without the least bit of fear, and i
would have with the Lord gone and done whatever he wanted me to do.
In that moment and even still i do not fear whatever is in store
for me in this life, on this mission, or for eternity. I love this
gospel it is absolutely amazing to be here learning how to teach
it. I love you, I love the people in Germany, and I most
especially love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Well I really don't know what else to say, i will be writing a
letter as well so look for that. Thank you for all you do, for
your love and support, I know it was because of you prayers that
the experiance i had, was able to happen. I love you all so much,
i don't think you have any idea how much i love you. This church
is true. I know it! Thank you so much and I love you all.
Love Elder Rogers

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