Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1 More P-day in the MTC‏

So yes can you believe it!!!!! This is my second to last P day in
the MTC i am flipping out. This time tomorrow i will have flight
plans that will have me going from SLC to Frankfurt i can't even
believe it. Really i am in total shock, i thought that 9 weeks in
the MTC would be forever but um it didn't. Wow so crazy i feel
alright about leaving i'm not like so ready to go, i actually
really enjoy the MTC sure the food really sucks now but hey at
least i'm not preparing it, and it really i have learned so much.
But i am so excited to go really it is gonna be so crazy. Pray
that my Trainer will whip me into shape. I've decided that i don't
have to like him i just need to respect the fact that he can make
me into a great missionary. But ya, also since i leave a week from
monday if you could get those CD's sent to me soon i would love it
really like i'd love it a ton. If you haven't already finished
them, could you add, Pray of the Children on to it by Octepella as
well as The King Singers both are on my page on the Homecomputer in
iTunes. And like i said anything that uplifts is approved and i
would really love it. But ya as soon as you can get on that i
would love it.

Alright so the Deutsch is going great. I am really working on not
platueing and i can really feel the Lords blessings. It has been
so amazing, and people compliment my german all the time. Some
elders asked how i got so good. I honestly don't know what to tell
them besides the fact that its not all me, sure i put forth the
effort but it is the Lord that is doing it. I still have so much
more to learn and understand and i'm sure 2 days in Germany will
remind me of that but it is just so cool to really be able to
measure the Blessings from the Lord in your Life. But ya hopefully
that explains how the German is going.

Gospel wise i'm still loving it. It still ceases to amaze me how
much we as missionaries are blessed. But really i have learned so
much. I'll be reading in the Scriptures and something will not be
so clear, and all it takes is a prayer and some careful thought and
just like that you have an answer. That is how the Lord blesses
you. But really i just love learning more and more about this
gospel everyday really nothing else is interesting compared to all
that we can learn about the Gospel. Speaking of such, did you get
my other email about Dallin H Oaks? How are you doing on
memorizing the sacrement prayers? Keep it up, cause i know you
will be blessed for it.

Well let me tell you whats up on the ZL front. We get to babysit
all the missionaries in our zone, and let me tell you babysitting
is no fun. Even babysitting missionaries is no fun. You wouldn't
beleive how many missionaries will look for and find loop holes to
the simplest rules to follow. It is ridiculous. I mean our zone
is amazing really i'd put money on the fact that we are the best
zone in the MTC but still we have elders who choose not to follow
rules or who choose to break rules thinking it is better to ask for
forgiveness then it is for permission. That is a total joke. And
thanks for letting me know that Dad really especially when i am the
one who has to go about doing the disciplining. Wow but really it
is just the small stuff. WE don't have problems with anything big,
and that could be why sometimes it is so frustrating but just those
little things that will make us way better missionaries.

Okay so thank you so much for the package, the german chocolate
really got me even more excited to go to germany and be eating it
all the time, i'll have to send some to you when i get there. But
also thank you for the music, i am singing it this sunday for
sacrement and then i will be trying out to sing a week from sunday
in the devotional in front of the whole MTC. I'm pretty excited it
is really crazy hopefully it will go how the Lord wants it to go.
But pray for me and wish me luck. Well i'm not quite sure what
else to say, but i've still got about 10 minutes so i'll sign off
read you emails and maybe send you another Email, if not be looking
for a letter. I love you all so much you are such a blessing to me
i don't even know how to express it but thanks for all you do.
Love Elder Rogers

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