Thursday, September 4, 2008

Deutschland Deutschland hier ich komme!!!‏

Oh meine gute!!!! I have been in the MTC for 8 1/2 weeks and i am
so ready to peace it! Well mostly to eat real food but also i am
so excited to go to Deutschland and teach those amazing people the
most amazing thing in this world and eternity, the Gospel! But
first i have to pack, which so far doesn't seem like it is gonna
take to long but who knows. So also on the deutschland note, i am
so excited to meet my trainer, pray that he is the type of
missionary that will work me hard and get me into shape. I know i
am. Also i've decided no matter what he is gonna rock so pretty
much it doesn't matter. Oh and one last thing real quick. I don't
have the Acclamation CD with "his love" on it, you know the one
that we have. Ya i don't have that one and would love to have it,
as well as the forgotten carols, whenever you get around to sending
a package to deutschland, or maybe you could have jonathan make the
CD's tonight and one day it tomorrow, if that wouldn't be a
problem, really whatever is easier for you. But if you do send it
tomorrow make sure you one day it, cause the post office is only
open half day on saturday and i'm out at 3:00 AM monday morning!!!!
Ya i got my flight plans a week ago friday and we are flying from
Salt Lake to Dallas then after a 5 hour layover in Dallas straight
to frankfurt!!!!! Wooooooo HOOOOOO Crazy i look forward to it,
hopefully i can share the gospel with a ton of people on the way
over. But ya we have to be to the travel office at 3 in the
morning to get already to be at the Airport at like 4 or something
like that. But oh boy am i stoked, i've got some pictures coming
in a package to you, i'll send that off on tomorrow, it has a few
other things and ya just stuff i don't need, we can only have the
two suit cases under 50 pounds and one carry-on, and a backpack
counts as a carry on ridiculous i know but hopefully i can stuff my
backpack in my smallest suit case and just have that, if not
hopefully there is enought money on my debit card to pay the extra
150 for a third suit case. We see, if you send me the package
tomorrow let me know what to do in the letter. okay well enough of
leaving stuff even for the last week that has been the only thing
on my mind.
We will be released as ZL's on sunday and the new ZL's are great
elders and they will really help out our zone. I am so glad to
have all my time to write in my journal at night, it has been great
to have it back this week. But i really was blessed to be in this
leadership position, it really opened my eyes and hopefully will
help me throughout the rest of my life. But right now i am doing
my last load of laundry in the MTC and it is sweet.
Okay so the deutsch is going great my goal is to become completely
profficient, which means to be able to speak deutsch like i was a
native so pray that i can do that. I know i need to work my butt
off to do it but i know if I do the Lord will see that it happens.
But i've got to go finish laundry and finnish packing. Love you
all hope to hear from you one last time in the MTC and i'll write
some letters on the airplane and send them in texas to you. Love
you all so much you are such an amazing family and i am truly
blessed to have you in my life.
Elder Rogers

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