Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Germany....like a mini suprise everyday!"

Alrright world how are things going? Good i hope. Things are going pretty well for me and how could they not, i a flippin Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Or Der Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage. That is the name that i so lovingly wear on my chest every day and i absolutely love it. But before i get to far into things i have a few things i need to say.

First off, Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother(on the 4th), she is truly the most amazing mom anyone could ask for i am so grateful for her and all that she has done for me in my life!!! I could honestely go on forever because i am so grateful for her, she is part of the reason i am out hear right now. Love you Mom thanks for all you do for me.

Next another Happy Birthday to... Ell Bell(on the 3rd), one of the most amazing people on the planet!! What else can i say. Thanks for being such an amazing friend, for always playing frisbee and being flipping amazing at it and being just an all around spectacular friend. I am truly blessed with the GREATEST friends ever and i am happy to call you one.

And Finally Happy Hump day Elder Dehlin, i know that he can't read this but still it blows my mind that one of my very best friends has been out serving our Lord for just about a year. Time fly's by so quickly out on a mission it just amazes me.

Well now that i got the most important things out of the way lets talk about what's going on with me. Well what can i say i'm in flippin Germany which still suprises me sometimes, i wake up and get going and head outside and then i hear someone say something in German and i'm like wow i am totally in Germany. Sweet! I don't know if i'll ever get used to that but i'm okay with that because then it is like everyday a mini suprise. Totally worth it.

Well right now we aren't teaching anybody but we are going out each day and looking for those that the Lord has prepared to hear this wonderful message. I know that there are those out hear who are waiting to hear this message from me. I know that the Lord has prepared them and all i need to do is go out and open my mouth. I love this work, one of the Elders in my district always looks at me and says "Rogers...Get Excited!!" And i think that i have really started to grasp that. So i share that challenge with all of you, Get Excited! Go out and have fun and share the Gospel if you've got it and if not i promise you that it is the greatest thing ever! And if you want to find out for yourself all you have to do is pray. It is as simple as that, get on your knees and ask God with a desire to know, and he will let you know i promise you that.

Also we have this totally awesome book called the Book of Mormon. Really this book is totally spectacular! Just sit down and read a little of this book, if you want some suggestions on where to start, what does Julie Andrews say? "Let's start at the very begininig, it's a very good place to start!" But if you don't feel quite up to that mabe read 3rd Nephi chapter 11, i just read it a few days ago and it is so amazing. Or maybe Alma 32 or 36, i could go on forever because it is so amazing. Just check it out and let me know how it goes ask me questions just whatever i know it will change your life for the better. Wait a second i hear some of you saying "But i don't have a copy of this book." Problem solved just hit up www.mormon.org and you can read it online.

But if none of these solutions tickle your fancy, i challenge you to sit down this weekend on saturday and sunday and watch a living Prophet of God speak. You can totally do it an it would be totally worth your time once again you can check it out online or if your in Utah change it to channel 5 from 10:00-12:00 both saturday and Sunday otherwise just ask a member about it, your bound to know one. But ya just a few challenges for you, and i promise you will be blessed if you do them. Well i better head out but i'm doing great, once again i'd love to hear from you, check out the last post for my email address. Thanks to all you out there who are supporting me on my mission you all rock.Elder Rogers

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