Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a quick e-mail!

Well world i don't have a lot of time, but i wouldn't want to leave you all hanging for a week. Things are going pretty good for me out in Duisburg, my first cycle (6 weeks) is slowly coming to a close which just blows my mind time really flies as a missionary. I hope all of you got a chance to check out conferene this last week it was absolutely amazing, we didn't get to watch all the sessions we missed Sunday Afternoon cause of the time change, in fact when all of you were watching Sunday and Saturday morning we were watching them at 6:00 PM totally crazy, you've just got to love time changes.
Well just a quick bit of info, we found a quasi investigator the other day, his name is Dennis and he is a pretty cool guy finding him was an interesting experience but i don't have a ton of time so i'll tell you about it next week, just know that i am really excited about this, i have a really good feeling about him. Faith hope hard work and prayer, keys to flippin success you've just got to love it. Well thank you to everyone out there your all amazing, and a big shout out to Coleton the only one who has written me! But seriously people i'd love to hear from you and ask coleton i totally wrote him back with the details on what is up. So you might want to try it yourself. elder_srogers@myldsmail.net Keep it real!
Elder Rogers

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