Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well world, how are we getting along? Good i hope, as usual only a jerk would hope things weren't going good. Things for me are doing really well, things are really starting to pick up, out here in the Dirty D and i am so excited for it, Heavenly Father is really seeing fit to bless me and my companion right now, and i promise we are gonna work our hardest to show our gratitude for all he has done.Well first things first, a few shout outs are in Order, Thanks a ton Daniel and Rose for you emails i know i already told you but they mean a ton! Both of you rock, i truly have been blessed with the best friends wherever i go. Also Thanks a ton to Brooke for you letter that i finally got last friday i'm sure this letter had quite the adventure to get to me. But really thanks it means so much and you better believe you'll be getting a hand written reply, thats how we roll as missionaries. So if you all want a handwritten letter from germany go ahead and write me up here at:
Elder Rogers
Mercatorstrasse 8047051 Duisburg
So thanks a lot you all are amazing, and if you would leave a comment on this blog and thank my awesome little brother for posting these and letting you all know what is up! On to the good stuff.
Alright lets talk about some people. Well Dennis, we kind of don't know what is up with him. We gave him a call and his finace answered and said she would have him call back later. well about a half hour later we get a call back from her telling us to leave him alone that he doesn't want anything to do with us etc. She told us that he doesn't need our sect, which in german means cult, we explained to her that we weren't a sect and that we just wanted to give him a book and tell him about it, she really didn't care which was really sad. So Elder Armstrong just wanted to leave it at that. But i told him that we really need to get in contac with Dennis, i have a really strong feeling that he really needs the gospel in his life right now and i am not gonna give up on him the spirit has testified to me that we need to teach dennis or at least give him a book of mormon so i told elder armstrong we need to call back later and hopefully talk to him, i pray that the spirit will let us know when is a right time to call back. But for now we pray and wait, but we are not giving up on him.
Also yesterday we found this really cool guy that totally had an electronic bible on his phone/pda and was way interested we've got his info and are gonna give him a call probably tonight, it was awesome. For someone to be religious in germany and not only that but have a bible on them at all times is really rare, most people we talk to either don't believe in God or are Muslim, so we are pretty excited about him, his name evades me right now but we'll know soon enough.
And also a couple other elders in our district found a spanish lady and her family in our area and are giving them to us, she really sound "golden" so i'm pretty excited to get to know her and hopefully make her life a little better.So that is what is going on with me, just trying to work my hardest and do what the Lord wants me to do. Keep it real hope to hear from you all soon.
Elder Rogers

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