Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still in Duisburg

Alright before we really get in to it a few items of business.A big Happy Birthday to my fantastic little brother Jonathan (the one who posts these) He is 16 today that means this kid is out driving and dating, totally crazy for me to believe. But he is great, so give him a shout out if you've got the chance. He is a great kid. Happy Birthday lil' Bro love you.

Also another big Happy Birthday to the Amazing Brooke Hunter also today (the 21st) I don't know how many times i've said it but i really have been blessed with the greatest friends in the world. I don't know why i deserve it but thank you to all of you out there that i can call friend you really are the greatest.So both of you go out and have some fun for me today (if you read this)nothing to crazy but just go out and enjoy it. Love you both thanks!

I woke up and saw my shadow so 6 more weeks of duisburg. Well anyway, I'm pretty excited, things are really starting to pick up and i think we will be getting a whole lot done this cycle. we have some changes to make in our district and as a companionship but these changes will bring the best so i'm pretty excited. So i went on a split this last week with the ZL's. I stayed up here in Duisburg with Elder Phillips who is actually going home tomorrow. But he was such an awesome missionary he was working so hard and gave me such a great example to follow. With him we found about 4 people and then the next day with elder armstrong we just kept it going and found 3 more, of the 7 potential investigators 3 of them seem really cool and will probably at least meet with us again. We just need to call them and set up appointments, i'll let you know how that works next week.But other then that things are going just as usual. Our District will be minus 2 missionaries, becasue they formed a new district so now my area is the second highest in the mission pretty crazy. It was super nice this last week to go to a normal sacrament meeting, the last two weeks we have had general conference then stake conference so it was super nice to just go to a normal meeting for once. The investigators i mentioned last week we haven't been able to meet with other then Andrés he is a really cool guy super religous which is awesome, but he knows his stuff. The only hard thing is that he doesn't live in our Mission, he lives in the Hamburg Mission, but he goes to the university here in Duisburg. We'll see what happens with him.Well i better head, but just want to say thanks to all of you for your love and support you don't really know how much it means. I have been truly blessed with the greatest friends and family in the World! The Church is true i know it with all my heart and you can to just read the Book of Mormon and pray about it the Lord will answer your prayer. Keep it real love you allElder Rogers

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