Thursday, August 7, 2008

Zone Leader a week early!!?

That's right family this last sunday Elder Houston and I were
called as Zone Leaders a week early then usual, i'll explain later.
But wow it has been really intersting to have some more added
responsibility on top of what all the stuff we have to do anyway.
And this week has been kind of a struggle. The reason is because
we are in charge of the older Elders as well so what do they do
when someone younger is in charge, well just what Laman and Lemuel
did when Nephi was in charge of them. Ya the first night they were
a real challenge. We are supposed to be in out rooms and quiet at
10:15 then lights out in bed at 10:30. Well no one follows that so
we were asked to really get all the elders to follow that. And oh
how they didn't want to. And hearing it from Elders 3 weeks
younger then them is not the way they want to hear it. But we
prayed and asked for the Lords help and he totally blessed us. The
next night all the Elders without really being invited by us, were
just about ready to go to bed. Wow we are so blessed really and
the Lord really cares about us and what we do.

But anyway, the reason we have been called as ZL's a week early is
because the old ZL's are being called into there mission a week
early so Predident Curtis called Elder Houston and I as ZL's, he
said that he really had a strong confirmation from the Lord that we
needed this calling and that there was something we were supposed
to do. I am not quite sure what it is yet , but i know with the
Lord's help we can find out. Thank you so much for you prayers
they really help me a lot i can really tell.

So the german is going really well, we play a game called HELGA
where each day we draw names, and whoever is Helga wants to speak
the most german during the day and then at night we vote and see
who wins, at the end of the week the winner gets a prize. We don't
know what it is yet, but it will be cool. So that really helps
with SYL(speak your Language) Because when it is a competition we
all know that i really want to win. Right now i'm in a 4 way tie
for first, but today i'm pulling out all the stops, you have no
idea. But ya it really helps and it is so crazy how much we learn.

Now on to the important stuff, the spirit. As i've said so many
times the spirit in the MTC is absolutely amazing. On Tuesday
Elder Houston and I taught one of the teachers. Bro. Sorber, he is
such an amazing teacher, and he will totally rail on you when you
do something wrong. So Elder Houston and I prepared as best as we
knew how and practiced a lot, and really really prayed a lot. So
we went in and Taught him about the Atonement and the Word of
Wisdom. IT was so amazing!!! The spirit was so strong and wow it
is almost unexplainable. But after Bro. Sorber asked how we felt
he felt (the investigator) and we said good we thought we kept him
involved and did everything we had been taught. Then we braced
ourselves for the onslaught. But guess what? It didn't come.
Honestly, he went to say something and just stopped. And he
said,"all i can say is remember how you prepared, remember how it
felt to teach this, and do it agian." Wow can i just jump around
screaming how much the Lord blesses us! It was amazing. But next
week we start teaching auf Deutsch! Holy cow, from now on the
lessons must be auf Deutsch, i am so scared, but i am even more
excited because i know that as i prepare, the Lord will do the
rest. I just know it!!!!!! This Gospel ROCKS!!!!!!!! I don't
know if i can say it enough. But wow, i am on such a spiritual
High right now i don't know what else to say, so I still have some
time so i'll probably send another email later today. LOVE YOU SO
MUCH thanks for your support and encouragment you are the best.
Elder Rogers

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Rob! said...

holy cow! he is doing so well! I can not wait til i can see him in provo... just a couple more weeks...