Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a week!

i got your letters and you packages. So thank you a ton for the
two packages. The Butt Pillow is glorious! Really i don't think
anyone understands how bad the chairs are until they sit in them
for 12 hours a day. So having the Butt pillow rocks. Also the
banana bread was glorious. After three weeks in the MTC i am so
sick of the food. It keeps tasting worse and worse everyday.
Hopefully i make it for the next 6 weeks. Thanks for the flag,
now are room looks like we are excited to actually be going to
Deutschland! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I can't believe
Elder Green is out serving already. He was so ready to go and he
is gonna rock it out in California. So the reason my hair was
parted was because our whole zone decided to part our hair that
sunday, and i didn't have time to put my contacts in so i wore my
glasses. I don't know how many people called me Clark Kent. Kind
of funny, to bad i don't have my Superman shirt with the cape.
That would have been great.

But things are going great, i am pretty much recovered from being
sick, my nose is still a bit stuffy but all is well. We taught the
second lesson this week in our TA. Basically we go and teach a
volunteer like they are an investigator. It was amazing! Elder
Houston and I didn't feel very prepared, we didn't feel like we
knew the lesson as well or how to teach it. So we spent all
Tuesday morning practicing and getting ready. When we went in to
teach that afternoon, we still didn't feel as ready as we would
have liked. But we prayed that we would be directed in what to
teach and how best to apply the plan of salvation the our
investigators life. And wow we were so blessed! The Spirit taught
the lesson through us. Things popped into my mind that i had not
planned for or studied, but we used them and just went with it.
She seemed really receptive, and the spirit was so strong. We
challenged her to be baptized!! Ok so i know that she is a member
already and that she is supposed to be receptive to what we teach.
But the Spirit still helped us out so much and i was prompted to
say some things that i am sure really helped her in her personel
life. So wow, i am so excited to teach people in Deutschland, but
not quite yet. I'm hoping to learn the language first.

Speaking as such, the german is coming for sure. So long as i
trust and have faith in the Lord i will be fine. We learn so much
and i love the language it is so fun to speak, and some of the
phrases are just hilarious! I love our Teachers, but Sister Duffin
is gone. She is in Deutschland for the next 2 weeks. Crazy but
she'll be back and by then we will have taught the 1st lesson auf
Deutsch! I can't even believe it. These first 3 weeks have gone
by so fast. We got new Deutschers yesterday, i remember when it
was my first day and now i'm the second oldest group. Wow pretty
soon we'll be the oldest and then only 3 more weeks till
Deutschland! But i'm not gonna lie so far not impressed with the
new Deutschers, i don't know they didn't seem as excited as we were
our first few days, in fact some of them seem down-right scared!
But by sunday we will have them whipped into shape no doubt.

But that is what is happening in the good old MTC. I'm glad that
Aunt Stella's Funeral service was good. i know that right now she
is being taught the gospel by missionarys just like me in the
spirit world. So that is crazy about Leslie. I'm so glad that the
Lord blessed her and they were able to find out the problem. So
it is so crazy that school starts soon, and i am so happy that i am
not going to school!

Alright to answer some questions. I have not tried my new contacts
yet, but i will put them in tomorrow and i will send a letter
telling you how they feel. Also i am going to send my glasses
today, thank you for taking care of that. The envelopes you sent
will be fine. I only need them for pictures cause pictures don't
fit in the small envelopes. And Dad we are supposed to speak
Deutsch as much as we can. But we are not total Deutsch till like
the last 2 weeks or something like that. But it is a lot of fun to
speak it as much as we can.

I just got back from the Temple, we did Sealings and it was amazing
i just love it. To think that i am acting as a proxy so that a
family can be sealed together for time and all eternity is so
amazing to me. How can this gospel not be true. Sorry if i didn't
answer all your questions but i'll be sending a letter as well.
I'm out of time so I love you all so much and am so grateful that i
have amazing family and friends like you. I would be so lost
without you in my life. Ich weiss dass, die Kirche wahr ist. Love
you! read the Book of Mormon and pray often.

Love Elder Rogers

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Rob! said...

i love that kid! sounds like everything is going so great for him. thanks for posting his letters!