Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 2

Alright folks I'm willing to bet today will be my most boring day for the next week or so. But none the less i did some great stuff and also I've got some thoughts on my mind so keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times and have fun.

Alright once again world i slept in today but can you blame me when i go to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 consistently. But I woke up and did something vital to my well being when i get home from the mish. I backed up my iPod onto my home computer as well as my Laptop and my external hard drive. For some reason i feel that some sort of curse will cause me to loose all my music so I'm doing all i can to fend it off. Also i did the same thing with pictures. so hopefully I'm secure. Also while i was doing all this i picked up John Mayer's new live album. For those of you who don't know i have a pretty severe "Man Crush" on him. But really of anyone to have a "man crush" on john mayer has got to be the best choice, go ahead try to argue with me. Anyway, the album is so so so choice! I figure it is the closest I'll be to actually hearing him/seeing him live for the next little while. So what i leave in 8 days can't i enjoy some steller guitar killer lyrics and amazing vocals. But enough of me going on about john mayer. Well one last thought check out the album if your a fan you'll love it, if your not a fan, we can't be friends.

Alright after hopefully saving my pictures and music for the next two years i hit up the mall for lunch. My escapades to the mall during my life have included eating, chilling in Brookstone and Lovesac, and checking out gamestop. Yes i'm a nerd get over it. And other stuff. When i go to the mall generally the last thing on my mind is shopping. most the time its "How can i kill time without getting kicked out of whatever store i'm in?" Anywho i picked up my lunch and as i'm walking out of the food court i spot Brooke working at bath and body works? is that right there are a couple stores like that and i never know if i am getting it right. Anyway, i stopped and talked with her for 5-10 minutes before it looked like her manager or another employee looked pretty ticked so i left. Side note i love visiting people at work/i love getting visited at work. Always an excuse to stop working, and you never know what you'll get roped into. One time Alvin and I got roped into sweeping and mopping the floor at KFC while waiting for Brock to get off. It was awesome, i can now say i have worked at KFC. At least for 2 seconds. Good times.

Well came home and just chilled for a few hours, when rob gives me a call and asks if i'm in for the TRIPLE CHALLENGE (dun dun daaaa, dramatic music and guy in deep voice announcing. just do it in your head and you'll catch what i'm getting at.) For those of you who don't know what the triple challenge is, it is a Triple with cheese and bacon, large fry and large drink. At wendys if you didn't know that already. that is about my daily allowance for calories right there folks gotta love it. A bit on the history of this challenge. Preston would get one of these all the time, and it wasn't a problem for him, well most the time it wasn't. It kind of became a joke. Getting the "meat sweats" and all that great stuff, not to mention feeling awful after, unless your preston in which case after so many it wasn't a big deal. So about a month ago after seeing Kung Fu Panda we were at Wendys and that is when Coleton Rob and I had the great idea to do the challenge, but also to ride our bikes there to do it. So today was the day. We rode over and ended up just Rob and I doing the challenge. Coleton got a triple but no large fry and drink, and Jimmy well he ate chicken nuggets. Proud to say we did it! well maybe not so proud, here it is 6 or 7 hours later and i still feel like crap, oh well all part of the game my friends.

There it is. (we recreated it cause i forgot to take a picture of mine, so that is coletons burger, my crushed up fry box, and robs empty drink. But you get the idea.)

This is how i felt after, and for the next several hours.

Preston would be proud, well he probably would call me a girl cause i felt like crap after but that is just his way of showing he is proud of you, sort of.

Alright after riding home on my bike, which was really hard mind you. I sat around trying to rebuild strenth. Then because everyone is either working, out of town, on missions, or has school in the morning. I went and saw Get Smart all by my lonesome. It was great! The only downside to seeing a movie by yourself is well there are a lot of downsides. walking into a theater full of couples about your age and sitting down by yourself, no one to talk about the film after not to mention the ride there and back by yourself. But i was fine with it, cause i don't have the time to wait for people to be able to go to a movie with me, i can't be alone for the next 2 years let alone see a movie so all was well. But it did get me to thinking on my way there how much i miss the guys, cause you better believe Alvin Brock Preston and Josh would have been with me to see it if they were here. Also driving out to the Carmike brings back so many fond memories of driving out there in the Jeep and stopping at every Wendys and Taco Bell on Redwood Road. Great times!

The Carmike is the only place to see a movie 4 bucks for a matinee 5.50 for regular shows you can't beat that. Plus no one is ever there so it is like having your own private screening. For more on the Carmike 12 West Jordan give me a call and i'll set you straight. Well that was my day. kind of nostalgic almost but mostly i'm nostalgic all the time so nothing new. Hope you enjoyed day 2, day 3 is shaping up to be a great day! But you'll just have to see.

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Kelly said...

love the carmike. new big fan.