Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 3

You better believe it folks, i've got a week left! Can't even believe it myself, but more on that later. Day 3 has come and gone and i retract my comment that day 2 was most boring cause today takes the cake so far, but once again i did some sweet stuff that i'd like to share.

Alright, if i haven't complained to you personally about all appointments i've had i'm doing it here so enjoy. Another appointment, you've got to be kidding me, but on to why i put this in here in the first place. I had my dentist appointment today, and i enjoyed it for a few reasons. First the assistant that cleaned my teeth wasn't a member and didn't know a lot about the missionary program, so i got to explain to her a little bit about what we do and how we do it. She was blown away that we had anywhere from 8-12 weeks to learn a language then go out and teach in it, and by the end of the 2 years that most are fluent. It was really cool to see her excitement and surprise as i explained more, with the help of my dentist of course. I wish i would have had a pass along card but alas i'm not well stocked. Hopefully my dentist will have caught onto her interest and maybe follow through on it. Who knows? Well the second reason i enjoyed it was because they said that my teeth are great, and i should be set for the next 2 years. Haha, who said flossing matters. Just kidding folks you should floss everyday! It's real important.

Alright after my experience at the dentist, my Mom, Grandpa, and lil' bro hit up Italian Village for lunch. I absolutely love this place, if you've never been there you've got to check it out. My personal favorite is the pizza bender w/sauce. Oh it is delicious. But it was fun to have lunch with part of my family and just talk, great times.

The rest of the day was filled with shopping for missionary stuff and just chillin, well at least until Mein Vati und Mutti und Ich hit up the Temple. I love to see the temple and love to go even more. I have to admit because my life has been so packed i've missed my weekly temple trip for the last couple weeks. Poor choice, as josh would say. Really my week isn't the same if i don't go to the temple. It was really cool to go with my parents again. The last time i did a session with my parents was when i went through for the first time. So i loved it, and it was really cool cause i really felt that the work i was doing was really really appreciated. Like this guy had been waiting awhile for this to happen. It was amazing! There is nothing like the feeling when your in the temple, it just can't be beat. So my point is go to the temple. Even if you think you don't have time. If you make time to go to the temple, the Lord will make time for you to finish everything else on your plate. No matter if it's baptisms, endowments, sealings, or initiatory. It is all great! If you guys have questions about the temple just ask i'll answer them as best i can.

So the temple rocked as always, and after we went and got dinner. It is tradition to eat after the temple doesn't matter what time you go, you've just got to go out after, at least if your with me. So we hit up Olive Garden. I know two Italian places in one day its pushing it but it was oh so good. great dinner with my parents definitely gonna miss that.

Well that was the extent of Day 3. And it being a week till i enter the MTC i've got some new emotions that i haven't felt since i got my call. Nervous. I know you may be surprised but up until now i haven't felt nervous about anything mission related. But now its hit and it is really just about little things but still its how i feel. I know the Lord will help me through so long as put my faith and trust in him. So no big deal... hopefully. Also i'm starting to realize all the things i'll be missing out on. I know i'd like to think the world stops while i am gone for 2 years, but it won't. I'm worried about friends not being there when i get back, that i won't know them and it will just be awkward between us. I'm sad about missing out on family stuff. And wondering what the world is gonna be like when i have to come back and live it in and start my life. I don't know if any of this makes sense. And i know that what i'm doing is the only thing i should be doing now and it is the only thing i want to be doing, but i still can't help but think about this stuff. So thats whats on my mind now, keep it real world and i'll catch you tomorrow. You guys rock!

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