Monday, July 28, 2008

Elder Rogers' First week in the MTC

Hallo Familie und Freunde!

How is everything going? Good I hope. Things are just going
amazing in the MTC I really love it. Learning German is crazy!
Honestly i have learned more this last week than i did in 3 years
of german in highschool. how ridiculous! but the reason why is
because of the spirit of the Lord. Really the spirit is everywhere
in the MTC, it is absolutely amazing.
I love the fact that i can email here as well it is amazing. It
makes things a lot easier, but don't worry i still write letters,
if your lucky you'll get one, also it is a lot easier to decide who
to write to if you get letters, or better yet packages. Oh i just
love shameless plugs. But really letters are like a missionary's
life. One elder in out district is so paranoid about mail he will
ask about it 6 times a day. It is so hilarious, he will pop up out
of nowhere and ask about the mail. Or he will remind our District
Leader Elder Harsh to make sure he gets the mail. I'm pretty sure
he won't forget:)
But we have an awesome time here we work 12 hours a day, which gets
hard but i wouldn't have it any other way. German is going great!
We all gebet(pray) and bare our Zeugniss(testimony) auf Deutsch!
And everyday we learn even more. Even the grammer is making sense
to me and it comes really easily, which is crazy cause i hated the
grammer when we studied it in school. But the Lord blesses those
who ask for help and those who work for it. I know that if you
will ask for his help and if you will have the faith that he will
help. He Will!!!
Just a story to prove that, Elder Houston (my companion) and I
taught the first lesson about the restoration on Tuesday. We teach
it to a member, who volunteers at the MTC as an investigator. We
prayed before that all of the preparation we did would come in
handy and that we would be prompted in what to say, and to be
directed on how best to teach our investigator. Let me just tell
you, that i was not the one teaching that lesson! It was the
spirit! Everything just flowed really well and things would pop
into my mind that i had never thought of or prepared for. The
gospel is true! and it blesses us all so much, i know it for real!
So that is what is up teaching/learning side of life, but what
about everything else the MTC offers. Well the food is alright, it
is like a midway point between Elementary cafeteria and USU
marketplace. It brings back some memories of days gone by, but i
am pretty sure i'll be sick of the food by the time i leave. Lets
see... what else. Oh yes Gym! I love gym or as we Deutschers call
it sport(pronounced shport) It is awesome, the only thing that i
have trouble with is the fact that you can't play Ultimate, what is
up with that. They play soccer, and Ultimate is a non contact
sport. All i have to say to that is BOOO!!!! But we play awesome
stuff like volleyball, both regular and beach, kickball, which is
so much fun i haven't played forever, 4 square, croquet,
basketball, softball. Ya it is that cool! Don't you wish that you
could play all those awesome sports everyday, with enough people to
field a team.
So ya that is basically life in the MTC. We live in our classroom,
we sleep in our rooms. That is how it goes. If you have any
questions, just write me. I love you guys so much! You really
have no idea how blessed i am because of you my family and my
friends. I hope to hear from everyone soon. I love letters!
(another shameless plug, next time i'll see how many i can get in.)
I love you and miss you. The Gospel is True and i know it will
bless you if you have Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Love Elder Rogers
p.s. read das Buch Mormon (the book of mormon) it will bless you!

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